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This is an advanced spell to help heal your Cat/Familiar. Use at your OWN risk.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Crystals of your choice (with healing properties) or use the following; Amethyst, Brown Agate, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Agate (Snakeskin), Cat's Eye, Hawk's Eye, Jasper (Leopard Skin), Labradorite, Tiger's Eye.
  • Incense of your choice (with healing properties) or use the following; Amber, Dragon's Blood, Frankincense, Lavender, Sandalwood, White Sage (or other types of Sage).
  • Candles - Blue, Brown, Lavender, Red, White
  • You can use Green as well, but most people say NOT to use Green if the illness is Cancer. So, DON'T use it if your pet has Cancer.
  • Fire - Lighter
  • Knife
  • Your Blood
  • Your Energy
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Picture of your pet

Casting Instructions for '***Animal (Cat/Familiar) Healing Spell***'


Light the candles and incense. Focus on it. Make sure your mind is fully CLEAR and focused. Look at the picture of your pet or you can visualize him/her. Focus on your intent (to heal your pet). Make sure to add all your energy into the spell. Then begin the chant. You can cut your finger and add some blood to the candles now or after the chant. It doesn't have to be all of the candles. Write the name of your pet on a paper and add some blood to it as well. This can also be either before or after the chant. Chant: Goddesses and Gods of the wild. Deities: Aine, Artio, Bast, Cybele, Diana, Epona, Juno, Kali, Rhiannon, Cernunnos, Dumuzi, Hermes, Jupiter, Pan, Pushan, Saturn, Shiva, Silvanus, Brigantia, Artemis, Bastet, Freya, Hecate, Lilith, Archangel Gabriel, St Louis, RA, Aphrodite, Baba Yaga, Black Annis, Ketta, Maneki Neko, Neko Mata, Faunus, Hathor, St Anthony. Protectors of Animals and Beasts, both domestic and wildlife, I call upon you for aid during this desperate time. I ask that with your help and your power, you will be able to help my pet (__pet name__) through the challenges that he/she is currently facing. Make it so my love for them will help them with the pain, make it so my love will cure their sicknesses away. Guardians of the Animal Spirits, Caregivers of the Wildlife, Divine Spirits of the Forest, Gods and Goddesses of Animals, Spirits of Healing, I ask that you heal (__pet name__). By the power invested in me, by the power of 3 plus 3, by the power of the elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit. By the power of Love, as I will it, So Mote it Be!


Another Chant: (Latin) Animalis spiritus invoco, sanare dolor! Pater et mater terra luna curabit istud vulnus. Qui venenum elit ex in manus superveniant affectus (__Name__). Air Ignis Aqua Tellus spiritus animalis mederi et tollamus de hominibus dictum est qui dolorem x2


Feel free to blow out the candles and leave the incense to burn all the way. You can also leave the candles to burn all the way if you want to, this is optional.





ATTENTION! THIS WILL NOT FULLY CURE YOUR PET! IF YOUR PET IS SICK, YOU NEED TO GO TO A VET IMMEDIATELY! Magick can only help so much. You need both healing Magick/Crystals AND to go to a vet. You need to work a little for things to go the way you want them to. Good luck!


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This does not work, but I do appreciate the disclaimer at the bottom encouraging people to seek a vet. You should always do what your can medically before turning to Magik. This spell also starts like a working healing spell, it just goes off the rails when blood is added. Blood is a powerful ingredient to a spell, but it bonds the spell to you. A drop of your cats blood would tie it to them. But please, do not take your pets blood. A piece of fur, a whisker, tip of a claw, even just a picture would do the job. Another reason blood is unwise in this spell is because not every deity is okay with human blood used in spells. Regarding deities, there are far too many for this. You should not bother every deity on a subject for a single spell. This is more disrespectful and annoying than any power boost. Some deities do not work well together, so calling them both in can lead to a fight. You should also have an offering of thanks if you are calling on any spiritual being you do not have a working relationship with. Plus, this is for cats yet some of the deities listed are not specifically associated with cats. And some of them are not even deities, but spirits, archangels or saints. Nothing wrong with working with or calling on them, but again, you do not need a hundred spirits for a single spell. You do not need to call on any spirit to cast a spell. You could hold a photo of your cat or your cats favourite toy, charge Magikal energy into your hands, then imagine your cat getting better and acting like their normal self. You could say a healing chant if you wish. That would work better than this jumbled spell.

Apr 07, 2023
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