Four Elements Healing

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This spell summons and uses the four elements to heal someone you love.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Bowl of water
  • Bowl of earth/ a plant or flower(living not fake)
  • Incense (any kind)
  • Red candle
  • Salt

Casting Instructions for 'Four Elements Healing'

1. Make a wide circle of salt. big enough to fit you and the representation of the elements. 2. Find the direction for north and place the earth in the north, air in the east, water in the west and fire in the south. 3.Sit in the center of the circle. take the crystal and hold it in your hands. say the following:

Four elementsI summon thee. Your power is required.A simple healing is allI ask.

4. Place the crystal in the earth and say-

With the element earthI heal you (name of person).

5. Place the crystal in the water and say-

With the element waterI heal you (name of person)

6. Wave the crystal in the incense smoke and say-

With the element airI heal you (name of person).

7. Hold the crystal in the flame (be careful!) and say:

With the element fireI heal you (name of person)

8. Hold the crystal, focus all your energy into it and say-

When (name of person) touches this crystal they will be healed. elementsI summon thee.I need your help. thank you.

Give the crystal to the person you want to heal. Please note- Ive only tried this on my mother when she got sick, it worked butI dont know how powerful it is, Im not sure what its effects are on a person who has been in a car accident or broken some bones etc. So if you try this please mail me and let me know the outcome. Thanks and blessed be.


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