Banish Holy

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This is a spell to lift all holyness from you and replace it with unholy.

Casting Instructions for 'Banish Holy'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • To be mentally and psychically prepared.
  • A black Candle(optional).
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • To be mentally and psychically prepared.
  • A black Candle(optional).
Find a quiet, dark room where no-one can hear you, light the candle in your hand, then chant repeatedly:
'Banish thy light,
stop it swelling,
cast it out,
and cease it's dwelling.'
while doing this, force it out of you through your hands. Imagine a yellow glow leaving you if it helps.
WARNING, this will be extremely painful, but if you are a necromancer, warlock, or any other unholy sorcerer, this could save your life. It did for me. Be ready for one of the most unpleasant experiences of your life, although it is worth it if in a matter of life or death.


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This is fake and does not work. Warlock means oath breaker so few if any Real Witches use the term. Also, while some work with more negative energies, they are not evil nor do they need to ''unbless'' their home. And necromancers are not evil. They simply with with spirits. You can cleanse and bless your space with whatever energy you desire, but filling your space with all negative is a bad idea. Even if someone primarily works with baneful energies, they do not let it linger in their home. Negative energy is far denser than positive energy and can drag down your vibration causing far more harm than good to your life. This is why people who consistently work curses live good lives. They understand how Magikal energy works and prevents negative energy from building up. Those who revel in the ''dark arts'' and cast only negative spells, get revenge on those they feel offended by, and delight in drama live mediocre, sad lives. They have focused on low vibrational energy which has brought their vibration down, and they cannot reach the next level in their Magik. This is not to say never use baneful spells, but to explain you need to understand how Magik naturally flows so there is not a build up of negative energy which lowers your vibration and drags your life down into the gutter.

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