Banish Holy


To be mentally and psychically prepared.
A black Candle(optional).


This is a spell to lift all holyness from you and replace it with unholy.

Spell Casting

Find a quiet, dark room where no-one can hear you, light the candle in your hand, then chant repeatedly:
'Banish thy light,
stop it swelling,
cast it out,
and cease it's dwelling.'
while doing this, force it out of you through your hands. Imagine a yellow glow leaving you if it helps.
WARNING, this will be extremely painful, but if you are a necromancer, warlock, or any other unholy sorcerer, this could save your life. It did for me. Be ready for one of the most unpleasant experiences of your life, although it is worth it if in a matter of life or death.
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