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This isn't really a spell but I just wanted to tell you that your belief will become your reality. And it's been proven to. So magic has no limits but it can only do what you believe it can. We can alter our own reality by believing. So if you wanted to cast a spell to grow wings then it would only work if you believe that it will work and if you believe that you can grow wings. Or if you cast a spell to become a wolf shapeshifter then the spell would only work if you believe that wolf shapeshifters and other super naturals exist as well as you have to believe that you can become one, that magic can make you one and that the spell will work. So nothing is actually impossible, You cant even visualize, Astral project or shapeshift without believing.

Casting Instructions for 'Transformaton'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None



Added to on May 04, 2019
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I'm not sure why you posted this as a spell instead of an article or a forum post. Either way, it's entirely incorrect, and I honestly find it a bit irresponsible to claim that anything is possible with enough belief. It's harmful to beginners, as they are often led down the wrong path and spend much of their time on fake spells when they could be learning. It has the potential to be extremely damaging to people in desperate situations. I've seen multiple people who are transgender who were devastated to learn that magick couldn't change their biological sex, people who thought that magick could cure their mental illness, and people with chronic physical conditions who desperately sought magick as a cure. It's quite harmful to these people to lead them down a path of misinformation when they're in such a vulnerable state. If you really want to believe in things like transformation, I suppose you're free to do so, but don't spread this potentially extremely damaging misinformation about how belief can do anything, because it's simply not true.

Apr 01, 2020
Stop being mean

Apr 01, 2020
Rhododendron was not being mean, they were stating facts. If you take personal grievance with it, it is your interpretation of their comment. The truth of Real Magic is that is does not defy nature as this spell claims. Try it for yourself if you doubt us, we are merely trying to save you time and energy, but you seem like a stubborn fellow who needs to prove it to himself.

Jun 04, 2020
Do you know what you just said is very wrong I mean like if you do believe in something enough it will come true or That's how people say it.Talk about ruining childhood's

Jun 05, 2020
Rhod and my statements are not mean, wrong, or any other insult you wish to lob at them. Belief is powerful, but it does not triumph over reality. Children believe in Santa but it does not make the magical gift giver real. People believe the world is flat, but it does not change the fact the world is round. Real Magic has natural limitations on the physical plane. You can refuse to listen for as long as you wish, it will not change the fact you cannot defy nature on the physical plane. As for your cries of ''ruined childhoods'' we are on a forum site age 13 and older to discus Real Magic and real witchcraft/paganism. This is not a site for roleplaying, fairytales and make believe. You are at least 13 to be on the forum, aka old enough to know better, so do not cry about lost childhood. You will grow up and mature, hopefully, and as you grow, you should move away from childhood nonsense and accept reality. Nobody is running up to literal children and telling them Santa is not real. We are discussing Real Magic with people who are at least in the preteen stage of development. If you cannot handle people questioning your world view, or simply an opinion that does not align with yours, you are going to have a very difficult time in life.

Ignoring the bad design, belief does not automatically equate success. There are documented cases of the placebo effect, and you can will yourself into pushing past physical limitations, however, there are logical, scientific explanations behind these occurrences. We are of the physical plane, which works differently from other planes of existence such as the ethreal, or astral. The physical plane has physical limitations, it is ruled by natural laws, and on this plane, the law is if it is not possible by nature, it is not possible with Magic/magick. If you seriously wish to become a vampire/werewolf/angel/demon/thing research astral projection and go to another plane of existence where such things are possible. While belief can be a powerful thing, it can also be harmful. People have refused treatment for illnesses because they believed with all their being that prayer was the answer, not medicine. I have friends who believed in Santa who had such a traumatic experience when they realized the reality, turned to Atheism. Crazy sounding extremes those examples may be, but they show that in some cases belief can blind us to reality and have equally extreme consequences if you do not also have a teaspoon of skepticism, or willingness to at the very least seek out and listen to others views on the subject.

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