How to Become a Vampire

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You can never change back, and lose all control of your mind, you'll just be bloodthirsty. But if you want to be a vampire, this is for you.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 Red candles
  • 2 Black candles
  • Needle
  • Eye dropper

Casting Instructions for 'How to Become a Vampire'

Light candles. Put the red ones facing North and South, and black ones facing East and West. Poke yourself with the needle and with the eyedropper suck your blood into it (make sure it has 4 drops of your blood). Then, drop one drop of blood onto each flame and repeat this 4 times:

"I drop the blood. I lose my mind. I live in the dark. I shall explore the world to find more blood".

Now you should become a full vampire the next full moon.

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This is a fake spell. Vampires in this sense do not exist.

Jul 31, 2019
Vampires are very real I am one how would u like to be called not real or a mythical creature

Jul 31, 2019
I acknowledge that I'm human so that's not something I have to worry about. Identifying as otherkin or a similar belief is fine, but either way you're physically human.

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