Become a Drainer

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This is a very simple transformation spell, however does have rules. This spell often works only once, and is temporary.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Candle

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Drainer'

This spell is not mine But I have edited it slightly and added a few tips since I see many people getting confused or even often doing it wrong, or not being aware of the proper side effects or the rules, and so on.

There is a few steps to do this. Now, don't leave now because I said you will have to be doing more work. This work helps you.

Step one: Study. After you study, you can perform the spell. To study, scroll down. Some general information before doing the spell.

General information on drainers
Supernaturals in general tend to get headaches a lot. This is often due to other supernaturals' energy, or energy in general.

You do not know what type of drainer you will end up as. You may use blood as a energy source, saliva (kissing), sexual intercourse, sound, heat, life-force, health, electricity, etc. You never know.

Not all drainers will end up as part or full enhancer using this spell, but some do. You may have signs of enhanced sight, smell, taste, hearing, sensing, or strength, speed, etc.

You may feel different. This is because your DNA is changing - you are carrying extra energy, absorbing extra energy, sensing energy, your abilities are settling in, etc.

This is TEMPORARY. It is physically impossible to permanently become a drainer, or anything, by a spell. The only other ways are rare and dangerous, often leading to death. (and no, you can't get turned by being bitten.)

This doesn't work for everyone. Also, this spell tends to work only ONCE per person.

Don't be childish. Don't use this spell because you think your cool, or because you think you will be superior and can kill others. Because most likely, you won't be able to kill anyone without physically murdering someone the normal way. --

The spell
Okay, you need this to be at night, the doors and any windows closed, the smaller the room is, the better. And you need to be ALONE. The full moon tends to be better due to the gravitational pull.

Sit down and get a large, thick candle. It can be any color, but personally, I recommend purple or white. Turn all the lights off, as well.

Now, focus on your energy, and imagine the outcome of you becoming a drainer. Don't imagine what kind of drainer you WANT to be, nor should you have an unrealistic version of a vampire (like, no reflection, fangs type of myth crap)

Chant the following ten times or more. You do not need to count. You can stop chanting until you feel necessary. And, light the candle. This spell works BEST With a candle, many who do not use a candle, it doesn't work for them.

"Blood red, pale skin,
Moonlight draw me in,
Quench my thirst, coarsing veins,
Let my body feel no pain."

Don't just suddenly expect that you know everything about vampires. Vampires do NOT burn in the sunlight, have no relation to garlic whatsoever, do not bite necks for blood, not all even 'feed' from blood, they can survive without blood, they are NOT IMMORTAL, neither are they dead.

Some will feed off of more concentrated forms of energy, this can be blood, saliva (kissing), sexual intercourse, etc. others will feed off of less concentrated forms of energy. This can be energy that is glucose-based, meaning the energy that makes you hyper, or energy to move, or energy that surrounds a supernatural's body that depends on one's abilities, it may be energy that involves the emotions - auras, or other energy such as heat, sound, electricity, souls/spirits, etc.

Signs of drainers
Here are some common characteristics of drainers. This may not apply to ALL types. You may have a strong disire, craving, obession, or stimulation to energy sources; this may be blood, sexual energies, sound, heat, soul, electricity, etc.

If you drain energies such as glucose-based energy, ability-based energy, auras, heat, life-force, health, etc. You may notice people often feel sick or tired around you often, especially done so when you touch them, often for a longer period of time.

Sunlight may hurt your eyes, but you can live without. this doesnt go with everyone. One, if you are part or full enhancer, this is why. Because your eyes are enhances and do not adjust well to the sunrays. two, you may have light colored eyes, like blue, grey or green eyes are more sensitive to the sunlight than others.

Your eye color change color. this isn't with everyone, and often, this wont change fully. However, we often see people who just think they see their eye change color, or mistaken the color changing due to lights like flashlights, or flasing lights off of a camera. Often, people mistake their pupils getting bigger to their eyes changing to black. This is often not the case.

You may get sick often, or feel sick often. Sometimes this may be headaches, nausea, dizzyness, lightheaded ness, etc. Often, this is due to not recieving a form of energy for a certain amount of time. the stronger the drainer, the longer they can last without a energy source. However, they can live without energy, they will NOT die from it.

After recieving your source of energy - blood, sex, kissing, heat, sound, etc. You may feel energized, or your abilities may be boosted. However, if youre abilities are boosted by blood, this doesn't mean you are a drainer, since certain type of supernatural blood boost any supernatural's abilities.

You may have noticed that electrical appliances may not work well with you, especially if you are in the room with two or more supernaturals, especially if the room is small. this does not mean you are a vampire, this is with every supernatural.

You may be sensitive to many things, such as sound, scents, taste, etc. This also doesn't mean you are a drainer, since it just may mean you may be part or full enhancer, or are simply just sensitive to it.

You may black out a lot. this doesn't mean you are a drainer, yet many have this sign. It may also mean you have a medical condition that you should check out if you black out often. If people say that you were "possessed", etc, this may mean you are part channeler. this doesn't mean you are a drainer, but often drainers have this sign as well.

Myths, facts and exaggerations.

Real vampires don't need blood, they only need some part of blood, or just energy. - fact and myth Real vampires, or drainers, do not need blood. They can survive off of it, however, some may feel sick without it. This can be headaches, nausea, dizzyness, lightheadedness, etc. However, they do not just need some form of energy. Different vampires 'feed' off of different energy sources.

Real vampires can fly - myth

Sunlight kills real vampires - extreme exaggeration - Drainers can walk in the sunlight and be perfectly fine, however, those who are part enhancer may be sensitive to the sunlight worse than normal. However, blue, green and grey eyes are more sensitive to sunlight anyway.

Real vampires kill people or animals for food or for blood. - myth Unless they literally are a murderer,then no. That is like saying humans kill people for food. Yes, that happens, but its NOT COMMON, and NOT ALL HUMANS do it. So, this is also beyond stupid in my opinion.

Real vampires have fangs - myth The truth is, blood vampires tend to have sharper teeth in the 'fangs' area but they don't suddenly grow out of no where. These are normal teeth, and in theory, they are not as sharp due to past generations who may have used their teeth to take blood a lot because drainers tend to like biting. But we have tools, and no how to NOT get infection.

Vampires don't get sick, or cant get an infection when they drink blood. - Myth This is dumb as well. I think we are forgetting what a vampire/drainer really is. A vampire is a supernatural, meaning, they are HUMANS with supernatural abilities. Some tend to fit in 'groups' that title themselves or their 'kinds'. They are still human, they can still get sick.

Vampires are part or full demon. - False.

Real vampires are undead. false like I said, vampires are still human. And they also arne't spiritual beings. They are as alive as you and me.

Real vampires sleep in coffins/caskets, or dont need sleep at all. - again, vampires are humans. They need sleep to survive, just like everyone does. And they don't sleep in coffins unless they choose to, but just like most humans don't sleep in coffins, most vampires don't either.

Vampires are immortal/ can only die from a steak to the heart. anyone can die from getting stabbed in the heart. But no, vampires are not immortal. Some say that they, as well as a few or all other supernaturals age slower, but this has not been shown possible.

Real vampires only need blood and dont or cant eat real food - myth vampires are human, and need food to survive.

Vampires turn into bats. - myth Vampires do not turn into bats whatsoever.

Vampires can turn other people simply by biting them, especially on the neck. - FALSE . I get this a lot, and this is NOT true. There is ways that people can get turned, however its either RARE, DANGEROUS OR TEMPORARY.

Vampires dont have a reflection - false they are human too, so they have a reflection like everyone else.

All vampires have enhanced speed and strength or senses. - myth . not all drainers will have any enhanced abilities, however some may. --

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All of this is made up nonsense, physical vampires were never real, you cannot become one, and the myths section does not prove anything. State your sources. While some of these claims align with reality, others do not, and you do not have anything to back them up. You can work with astral vampires, use their symbolism in your craft, dress as one, or be a psychic vampire.

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