New Daywalker Vampire Spell!

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Its different from the original daywalker vampire spell, but the goal is to still make a vampire able to walk in the sunlight.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Night time
  • Alone time

Casting Instructions for 'New Daywalker Vampire Spell!'

Say one time at night alone in your room

Spirts of the un-dead i ask of you to please turn me into a Daywalker a vampire that is able to walk in the sunlight. Give me red eyes when i am hungry for blood and give me veins in my eyes when i am thirsty too!!! I shall be able to have mind controol My eyes shall be red when i drink human blood and bright red when i drink animal blood and Dark red when i am hungry. I shall be able to turn my emotions on and off so i dont have to feel bad about things i shall have super speed strenth and sences And this is my will so mote it be!!!

Added to on Dec 13, 2013
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Is this spell fake or real?

Feb 02, 2019
Every spell that claims things such has shape-shifting in to a vampire, mermaid, etc. ; bending the elements ; controlling the weather, is fake.

Feb 02, 2019
Easy way to filter out spells if it is in this sties Fantasy or Trick sections they are far more likely to be fake.

I tried it in the daytime but it still works lmao

Aug 23, 2019
roleplaying is against site rules, as is text speak

Changing your physical form isn't possible, even if it was you are most likely to put yourself in a very harmful manner. True magick is an energy field from nature's core given the fact that since magick is a neutral energy source that can be practiced by anyone doesnt mean it is able to turn the human body into a different form.

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