A Very Real Vampire

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This will make you a vampire.

Casting Instructions for 'A Very Real Vampire'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red drink
  • Cup
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red drink
  • Cup

Pour the red drink into a cup. Imagine yourself as a vampire, with the powers you want. Chant: "Red blood, cold skin. Vampire mistress, turn me into your kin. Long fangs, blood thirst. This shall be mine, as I asked first".

You may feel weak, and experience tooth pain as you canine teeth sharpen. You may also experience headaches when outside. But your physical abilities and senses will enhance.


Added to on May 20, 2012
Last edited on Nov 13, 2016
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You cannot become a vampire.

Oct 29, 2019
Every wiccan knows that nothing is impossible but you must be a fake wiccan right

Oct 29, 2019
Unlike you with ''Wiccan'' in your username? Clearly you are the expert on the faith, do enlightening me; The man raised Wiccan and practices daily. You are obviously immature, but I hope you will listen when I explain Real Magic is not like in your favourite tv shows. Real Magic is a natural force that brings a natural change to the world by affecting the natural energy around us to attract or repel the desired change. It does not contradict nature, nor does do the impossible. Also, Wicca is a religion, I suspect you meant ''witches'' yet even then it does not make sense. Magic is energy, your religion does not change that, and ones belief in Magic does not equate your worthiness of being a member of said religion. If anything your behaviour leads me to believe you are in actuality a ''fake Wiccan,'' unaware of Real Magic, bemoaning the wisdom others, and instantly arguing ''if you do not agree with me, you are fake'' leads me to conclude you are out of your depths. Do you require book recommendations to help you learn?

May 21, 2023
Can u please tell me what kind of spell are really working in spiritual??

May 21, 2023

Certainly. I've begun working through the warding section and a number of those are working spells. Though, it might be easier if you told me what type of spell you are interested in.

Since you commented in the vampire section, I will focus on that. Magik is a neutral energy that brings change. On the physical, it is a force of nature, ergo, it does not defy nature. On other planes of existence, such as the ethereal or astral, there are different laws that govern Magik so you can do different things on those planes.

Regarding vampires, the most common one you will find on the physical plane are psi vampires, short for psychic vampires. Most are born with this ability, but anyone with a decent knowledge of energy work can do it. Psi vampires drain Magikal/spiritual energy from others, most of the time unwittingly. If you learn how to tap into others energy, you can learn to drain it. This is why protections are important.

The second type on the physical are Otherkin. These spirits are physical humans, but they were born in the wrong body. This is not something you can use Magik to become. This is a spirit that should have been born to an astral form, like a vampire, but instead was born in a physical form. They do not share any special powers like flight or night vision. As far as I am aware, it is a sense something is different, with a few minor physical differences, such as being nocturnal or drawn to certain hobbies. It would be through meditation, astral projection, and inner spiritual work one would discover this. Also, when they project, I am told their astral matches their spiritual. So, if you were a fairy Otherkin, you would be a fairy on other planes of existence and not identical to your human form.

The third type of vampire you could be on the physical, and is by extension something Otherkin choose, is to dress and act like a vampire. I think it is spelled ''vampyr'' or something similar, but do not quote me because I only saw it in one article. Basically, you dress and act in accordance with a ''vampire lifestyle'' but you are still 100% human. Some preform blood Magik or consume blood in some form like in blood pudding, but you are human. I cannot stress enough this is a human choosing to live like they are a vampire.

Finally, if you are hoping for those Dracula type vampires, they are astral vampires. You can call on them to guide you on your journey, aid in spells, and basically worship and work with them as you would any other spiritual being. You cannot become an astral vampire on the physical plane. They cannot physically transform you. It might be astrally possible since Magik on the astral is different. But again, astral vampires are like spirits, and cannot change the physical. If you wish to work with them, research vampire lore and astral projection. Set up an altar if possible, leave offerings, and basically live how you feel a vampire would. I am not saying go around drinking blood, but I am saying how do vampires carry themselves? What draw you to them? How would they encounter challenges? Are there deities or humans associated with vampires you could honour along with astral vampires?

This is what people mean when they say it is about intention. Magik has some rules by nature, but if you feel like dressing like a vampire and worshiping astral vampires while having an ancestor altar with Vlad the Impaler, no rules say you cannot. No rules say your Magik will fail if you worship Queen Akasha from Queen of the Damned. If this works for you, it works for you. That would be an Unverified Personal Gnosis, or UPG. It is when you swear it is fact and everyone should agree with your UPG, or you defied natural law and did something verifiably impossible with Magik that people will push back.

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