Mermaid When You Touch Water Spell

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This spell will allow the user to become a mermaid/merman for as long as they are in contact with water.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Glass
  • Warmish water (one cup)
  • Table salt (one tsp)
  • Necklace or bracelet
  • Bathroom with a lockable door
  • Full or New moon night

Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid When You Touch Water Spell'

Make sure it is either a full moon or a new moon night. Go into the bathroom and lock the door. Go into the bath (I'd recommend sitting down as your legs might feel weak). Have the water in your chosen glass and dump the salt into it. Stir the water until the salt has dissolved. Swish your necklace or bracelet in the salt water and put it on. Now drink the salt water and immediately say: Mermaids, Mermaids, of the deep. I have a wish I would like you to hear. I wish to be a mermaid of (say your tail color here) and I wish to be able to (say freeze, boil, or move water). Please hear my request and grant my wish. I wish to be a mermaid.

Now keep your necklace on at all times and whenever you touch water you will grow a tail. You should be able to use the freezing, boiling, or water movement powers at all times, as long as your necklace is on. If you take your necklace off for more than 24 hours you will lose your powers and will have to repeat this process all over again. If you do this spell on a full moon you will have stronger powers on the full moon and weaker powers on the new moon and vice versa.

Side effects include: Legs being weak, colored scales sometimes being visible on legs, being incredibly thirsty, and craving fish.

Added to on Mar 31, 2018
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You cannot become a mermaid.

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