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This is a spell to become a fairy ;) credits to the Lydiah Hachbart on youtube.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Windy day (optional)
  • Outside
  • Symbol (necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring...)

Casting Instructions for 'Fairy Spell'


''Gods and goddesses of the forest please make me a fairy, and to have the wing color of (your color of wings) and my power shall be (your power). Please let it be in 2 hours let me fly, fly, fly in the air. When I want to become a fairy I will clap eight times, when I want to become a human again I will say ''I shall be human''. So mote it be.''

Say this spell 3 times.

Go outside (on windy day if possible). Put your symbol on. Now imagine your wings and you using powers. Say spell 3 times. Spell will work in 2 hours. After 2 hours, clap 8 times and you will get your fairy wings (if you did it correctly and BELIEVED).

- Back itching
- Back hurting (shoulders)
- Feel like throwing up
- Feel like floating
- Ears getting bit pointier (don't worry just bit they won't noteably be point)
- Stomache
- Legs feeling weird (like floating, you may not feel legs sometimes)

- Spell will work in 2 hours
- As for every spell, side effects aren't neccessary for spell to work. And of course, they will vanish once spell works.
- It may took more than 2 hours for powers to come to you (2 days)
- To become a fairy, clap 8 times
- To return from human form to fairy form, say ''I shall be human''.

I apologize for not knowing too much about spell, not many informations were given about it so I apologize.

Also, I don't know what kinds of powers you may have but I will list what you can have (just for you to be sure, the ones I listed are 100% to work but if you have, time, nerves and lots of faith, you can try other powers and if so, please message me about it, I will be very thankful). Those are mostly elements you know. Also, I don't know how many powers you can have, I am really sorry.

P.S - You can say either fire or pyrokinesis but say fire since it's easier to say. Also you may or not say ''manipulation'' after every element you chose. You can just say element.

- Fire manipulation(pyrokinesis)
- Earth manipulation(geokinesis)
- Plant manipulation(arborkinesis)
- Wind/Air manipulation(aerokinesis)
- Water manipulation(hydrokinesis)
- Ice manipulation(cyrokinesis)
- Snow manipulation(frigokinesis)
- Light manipulation(photokinesis)
- Darkness manipulation (umbrakinesis)
- Electricity manipulation (electrokinesis)

Questions? Message me :3

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what if not work but there are side effects

Jan 28, 2019
Faeries are spiritual beings, you cannot become one with Magick.

Jan 28, 2019
If you feel the side effects it's a placebo effect, you've convinced your mind it's real, but you cannot physically transform with magick. Research false pregnancy and the placebo effect, it might help you calm your mind, you might also want to meditate.

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