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Birthday: Jun 9 1991
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Hello There My name is Riah

Finished Books : The Green Witch byArin Murphy-Hiscock

Current Books : Natural Healing: 2 Books in 1: Essential Medicinal Plants: The Complete Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbal Healing and Journey to Crystal Healing by Roland Sheils, Kishori Nayanari

Press Pause : A Young Person's Guide To Manage Challenges by Catherine Singer

The Book of Kitchen Witchery by Cerridwen Greenleaf

I am currently Playing Breath of The Wild on Switch ! Just incase there were any gamers here, I am on Twitch but I am not active just yet. Hollow Knight and Super Smash Bro's.

I am an Esthetician Student and once I am to receive that certification, I will attend school to study and become a HolisticDietitianand Herbalist.

In my alone time, I am usually reading books, thrift shopping, taking photos of nature and animals, drinking tea and MAINLY coffee, writing in my journals or repotting and growing beautiful plants.

I am a very quiet person at first, I prefer observing at any social setting first and foremost but I have so many interest ! I love painting and creating nature art !

I am currently in the learning stage of my journey and would not feel comfortable receiving any specific title just yet but I really love what I see on this site so far, also I do not have many friends in my life due to being used a lot and such but I am very open to finding more people who have common interest and casual conversation about what books you are currently reading and what's been going onin you're day to day life.

At the moment, I can say that African Spirituality and Celtic Magic sparks my interest the most - I feel very drawn to both, African Spirituality is just what I was born into because of my strong African Features and roots. The origin's of my father and his family are deeply rooting in Jamaica where a lot of West African beliefs originated since the beginning of time. I am learning more and more each day when it comes to ALL of the African Gods and Goddesses there are, I closely identify with Yemaya at the moment.

The fact that Celtic Magic is something I have learned more and more about since my Grandmother's side of the family is in-fact of Irish decent, I have always heard that my Great Grandfather used to work roots but none of my family ever elaborated past that statement, which always had built up many questions for me as a child.

I plan on moving forward in my journey, I love good vibes only and, as a reminder; please make sure you love yourself first !

fairy discord : https://discord.gg/sqsHgAPAAa