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This will be a relatively small Dragon, or quite possibly more than one. This does not have to be done in a circle unless that makes you more comfortable.

Casting Instructions for 'Calling a Dragon Friend'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 5 small pieces of ribbon each a different color
  • One translucent stone of any color
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 5 small pieces of ribbon each a different color
  • One translucent stone of any color

Use the 5 pieces of ribbon to weave a pentagram, single point up.

Weave it as a summonsing pentagram.

Place the stone over your third eye and chant:


"Myriad of colors, shining bright,

Bringing happiness, love, and delight,

Tiny Dragons, friends to be,

Come now, I ask, and join with me.

Friendship found and love abounds."



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Dragons are not our pets. You cannot wave your hand, say ''here dragon'' and a bunch of tiny dragons appear and dance around you in a happy little greeting. Unless you already have a connection with dragons, this chant will do nothing. If you already have this bond, you would understand why this does not work. This spell is also incomplete since you did not conjure any energy or use anything associated with dragons to summon them. You took a random stone and ribbons, made a pentacle and said some words. Pentacles, are symbols of protection. They can be used in summonings, but the symbol is not a portal to other dimensions. A pentagram represents the five common elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit) and a pentacle (pentagram in a circle) is protection. The symbol alone does nothing, the Magik we witches conjure while using the symbol gives it power.

Oct 11, 2023
Hi Im Troy Merlin I ever since i been little i feel like i have gifts but havent able to unlock my true magic ability. When I was young i saw my grandfater die and something woke within me that day at 5 years old. I saw a huge red bat bite my left hand then vanish. no one believe me then i begin to see the bat everywhere. then one day a event came and this guy ask any people in the aduince that can been metal gets a reward there was five of us. all four couldnt been metal but i was the only one could. next i been able to astro project out my body after that till this day, i can control the wind i can move the wind all around my body, I can see things others cant see i have vision alot, one time a ghost of merlin visit me as a bird, I can heal my body fast, I can sense someone about to die before they die, when i get angry the weather changes, I can feel trees emotions I can use the elements to make myself stay young. These are the things i been training myself every since i was young without a proper teacher.

Oct 11, 2023
I dont know how or why im able to do these things but theres more but i cant share everything i can do its dangerous this evil occult tried to recurit me but a whisper of merlin in my ear told me no it will be a time where a real teacher will come forth and train me. I ask him what age he told me it doesnt matter what age i am this person will teach you about real magic. He told me that. Also when i astro project i visit another me that also had magic ability and can create magic circle with his hands it was purple. He also give me a loads of power. He told me that a evil force was destorying his lands and wanted the power to control the world he used a werid teleportation cricle that open though my mind and give me all of this werid magic power. it was awesome and freaky werid awesome all at the same time

Oct 12, 2023

I know I will come across as unfeeling but the majority of what you said was pure nonsense. You rambled, so forgive me if I missed some things, but I will try to break down what you said.

Everyone has Magikal abilities, but what specifically that is would require practice, trial and error to figure out. You could work toward strengthening your third eye only to discover you do not see spirits, but hear them. No matter how much you desire to see spirits, some people cannot. The same goes for every form of Magik. It simply takes time and practice to figure it out. If you feel this bat was significant, Google all of the elements. Colour correspondences in Magik, spiritual meaning of bat, spiritual meaning of left hand, spiritual meaning of being bitten. As you research each of these, you might discover a correlation which can help you. You could also Google deities, angels, demons, or spirits associated with bats, the colour red, left hand, whatever.

I cannot make heads or tales of the metal thing. I assume this was a psychic or magician who was defying reality by making you bend metal spoons. That has been disproven. Usually, the magician is leading you on. They normally tell you to focus and feel the spoon, which warms up the metal, and when they tell you to try bending it, it is in a mailable state due to the repeated attempts.

I cannot confirm or deny which spirits contact you as everyone's spiritual team is unique to them. However, many of your claims like the weather changing when you are mad or tapping into trees to stay eternally youthful is not possible in reality, so I can conclude you are fabricating things either for clout or are subconsciously filtering out the evidence to the contrary.

You also cannot physically teleport with Real Magik, so this Merlin is probably lying to you, which would indicate a trickster spirit.

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