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Shape shift into anything.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Gemstone (any kind)
  • Morning glory flowers
  • Apple
  • Black string
  • Brown string
  • Blue string
  • Three white beads
  • Purple ribbon
  • Water
  • Basil
  • Outside, preferably at night

Casting Instructions for 'Shapeshifting'

Take the gemstone and cup it in your hands. Chant:

"In the sea, an island floats
In the island, there is a forest
In the forest, there is a clearing
In the clearing lies a large flat stone
Reflecting the Moon.
And if to the stone comes a man
Who presses his hand to its surface
And chants three times around it
In praise to the Moon
His face will reflect in the stone
And change to his will
And when his hand is removed
He shifts as well
Until he is the figure reflected."

Lower the gemstone into the water. Chant:

"Water, reflecting the Moon!
Serve as the stone
That changed man and beast!
And as I chant three times around
Allow me to painlessly change my form
And return to my original form when I wish it
And change in any way I wish
With no limitations to my body or mind!
And as the water reflects me,
I am one with the water!
And if I am to drink
I will become the one
That changes man and beast
And my form will be changed whenever I wish."

Close your hands around the gemstone. Chant three times:

"Stone of night, stone of sight!
The great Moon shines her light!
Fire and air, water and earth
Cross planes as death is as birth!
Fur, skin, feather, scale!
Eye, claw, tooth, tail!
Change me, twist my form anew
And bring my shape for all to view!
Moon's light bares my dream to the air
A new body for me to wear!
And soon my changes I will see!
This is my will, and mote it be!"

Then leave the gem in the water and mix in crushed basil. Put the morning glory flowers in whole (one is enough, but more is fine), and then take the strings. Braid them, and chant this as you do it.

"Black to aid me and change my form
Brown for the earth and magic of animals
Blue for the seas and the astral form
And beads of white to hold all together and power my soul."

Tie the other end so it doesn't come undone, and thread on three beads before tying into a loop. Soak it for nine seconds, then take the purple ribbon and tie nine knots in it before looping it through the bead braid. Tie if you wish, but they only need to stay looped for the spell. Eat the apple, but squeeze a bit of juice into the water. Then drink the water, hold the bead braid, and chant:

"As long as the strings do not fray and unravel, I will be able to change my form. In at least nine days and nine nights I will have my power, nine months at most, and when it is mine it will be mine forever, painless and simple!"

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You cannot physically transform into anything.

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