A Vampire Spell.

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this is a vampire spell i had in my spell book, it might not work cause my friend tried it and it did not work for them but whoever wants to try it they can.

Casting Instructions for 'A Vampire Spell.'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • items needed:
  • none.
  • u cant do this during the day cause it will not work. u have to do this during the night.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • items needed:
  • none.
  • u cant do this during the day cause it will not work. u have to do this during the night.
say this 13x

''I wish to be a vampire no matter the thirst, blood oh blood, is what i shall crave, human no more i am a creature of the night a preditor to others so mote it be.''

side effects: headaches, belly aches, dizzyness, things may seem brighter, might seem tired after doing the spell, change in sleeping patterens, falling asleep during the day and awake at night, may become more viloent.

u become a vampire shortly after the spell.


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You cannot become a vampire.

Actually some mortals and immortals can have what ever beliefs they want to have, so do not think for other. You have your own things to deal with and others have their things to deal with. Do not assume Nekoshema

Feb 05, 2020
beliefs, yes, but it doesn't make them real. you can believe the earth is flat, but it doesn't make it flat. I've been a practicing witch for over half my life, and I know what magick is capable of on the physical plane. It is a natural energy, ruled by nature. It affects energy to bring a desired change, it doesn't contradict nature. You are human, nothing will change this. When you're reborn, you may be a vampire on the astral plane, but in this lifetime, you are human and need to abide by the rules of the physical plane.

Apr 16, 2022
Firstly, the site is for users 13 and up, so unfortunately you can't be on the site for another year. Secondly, I don't work with vampires, so I don't know any spells/rituals [I work with Dragons among other spiritual beings] However, you could create your own with a little research. Begin by researching vampire lore so you know the history [both mythologically and historically] You should also reflect on your feelings surrounding vampires [what you like about them and why, why you're drawn to them, what you hope to gain working with them] When you feel you're ready to work with astral vampires, you can call on them similar to calling on a deity. Cast a circle [there are articles on the site if you don't know how] then introduce yourself, explain why you wish to work with them, give them an offering [if you use blood, be safe and only use a single drop by poking your finger with a sterilized needle. You could also use something like blood pudding or blood sausage. You can also use a red rose, red wine, red juice, or something else you feel a vampire would favour. I work with a Goddess who likes blood, I use pomegranate juice] then sit quietly for a few minutes and wait for a sign [it might take upwards of a month, so be observant. The sign might not be what you expect either. It could be a feeling, it could be a dream, it could be a sound, it will feel right to you when the sign comes] After some time, you can thank them for listening, wish them safe travels back to the astral and open the circle. [you can leave the offering outside]

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