Become a Spell Master

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This should work to let you master spellwork.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Spell Master'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

Chant: "Oh Gods, please let me be a spell master. A spell master with a high experience of magic and spell casting. So mote it be".


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I have no real experience

May 26, 2019
To become a ''master'' at spells and other forms of magickal practice, takes time and study, a spell can't offer this, it takes time, practice and dedication as with everything else in life.

This is possible so long as you are dedicated and focused towards your goal as a spell master. I think that this spell is just to boost your energy and will power towards achieving your goal and nothing other than that, as you cannot become a spell master by just saying a spell and that's all.

A chant will not make you a master, practice will.

Nov 27, 2020
I have seen you everywhere on this site say9ng this isnt real and i know it isnt but can you control dark energy?

Nov 28, 2020
Are you asking if I personally control it, or if it is possible? I do not work with much negative energy as I am Wiccan and typically avoid harming people. Some harm is inevitable, such as ones interpretation of your words hurt them, but if it can be avoided, I try not to. You can work with negative energy and focus your craft on negative Magical workings, but no spell will grant this ability. Practice makes perfect. The more you do, the better you will become. I know a number of chaos magick users who work with some pretty powerful and confusing energy. The source is always the same, but the form is different. Kind of like how water can be solid, liquid or a gas, but it is still water. Some choose to change the typical elements and change them to things like shadow, plasma, wood, metal, and so on. Once you know the basics, you can shape your path to work for you.

I have real experience with this

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