Hoodoo Diet Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • rosemary
  • Aphrodite statue
  • red candle
  • yellow candle
  • pink candle
  • purple candle
  • gold candle
  • lip stick
  • paper
  • markers
  • attraction oil
  • Venus incense

using hoodoo to lose weight for a diet spell

Casting Instructions for 'Hoodoo Diet Spell'

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On a piece of paper with markers draw a picture of yourself and your full body of how you want your body to look like. Use markers to create this picture as legit as you can also after, outline your body with the color of your aura. After you draw yourself how you want to look, write your goal weight number and affirmation words to help manifest your desire such as motivation, determination, ambition, success, victory, beautiful, goals, aspirations, fit, healthy, etc. Be sure to also write your full name above the image you drew of yourself. Then, place the drawing on your alter. In the center of your drawing place a gold candle and color the rim of the candle with the lipstick. Anoint the gold candle with attraction oil. Then in front of the gold candle place the yellow candle to represent burning your fat away. Behind the gold candle place Aphrodite's statue and behind her the red candle. On the left side of Aphrodite place the pink candle and on Aphrodite's right side place the purple candle. Then, sprinkle rosemary on the picture you drew and in the candles. Allow the candles to sit and burn for 20-30 minutes. After that time is up burn Venus incense. Focus on your intention and strong will towards the body that you desire. Chant:
"Aphrodite oh Venus of mine I call to thee during the witching hour divine. I ask of thee oh goddess of love and beauty to manifest the body that I desire. I light this gold candle to represent your divine energy, red for strength and passion, pink for your love, purple for healing, and yellow to resemble burning my fat away. Oh dear Goddess Aphrodite this is my plea I ask of thee make me beautiful, healthy, and as fit as can be. Help me lose weight and with this yellow candle I now burn and melt my fat away. I thank thee goddess for your divine energy and presence in helping me to achieve my bodies potential and desire to be so mote it be!"
Wait for your incense to burn completely out and then it is complete.


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