Safe Birth

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This spell will make sure that before, during and after the birth of the baby it will be easy, safe and pure with no complications!

Casting Instructions for 'Safe Birth'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An object of the unborn baby i.e A blanket, a piece of clothing etc.
  • A lucky charm (optional, but preferable)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An object of the unborn baby i.e A blanket, a piece of clothing etc.
  • A lucky charm (optional, but preferable)

Chant this once and put all of your effort, energy and concentration into it as possible,

  • Air, Water, Fire, Earth,
  • Merge together, protect the birth,
  • Do this for the life entity,
  • Do it for the Mum safely,
  • Merge together to help this baby,
  • Please 'o' please, So Mote It Be!

That's it, now the Mum should have a safe pregnancy and birth and the baby should have a pure life! :)




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You can bless an object, or call upon a maternal goddess to protect your child, but if you want a safe birth you might want something else, like a crystal or calming herb, or calling on one of the goddesses to help you have a safe birth.

Apr 30, 2022
while blessing an object for a very important thing, Is it better, If we have good emotions and thoughts?

May 01, 2022
Slightly confused. Blessing an object charges that object with your desired energy [protection, love, luck] as you bless it, you'll be thinking about that energy [protection, you'll focus on a shield and feel safe in your space. Love, you'll imagine hearts and feel the love you desire] If you're saying a protection chant while thinking about an action scene in the movie you just watched, the energy's off and won't work as intended. If you mean walking around happy all the time, yes and at the same time a huge, resounding no. Yes, keeping your thoughts in order and your emotions in check every day will ensure a positive energy filling your home and influencing your life. Ignoring ''bad'' emotions and putting a positive spin on every interaction [from winning the lottery to a loved one's death] is a bad thing to do. Life is about balance and repressing the ''negative'' parts will only make them worse. That's what shadow work is for. Accepting and living with all aspects. Yes, choosing to be kind over mean is one thing. It'll bring positive energy into your life. When it becomes toxic and dangerous is when nothing ''bad'' or ''negative'' can happen. Everything needs to be positive. [you can't have light without darkness. Light casts shadows, darkness brings stars]

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