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Search of the Holy Grail
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First and foremost, I would really appreciate it if others do not immediately believe any post that I provide, but respond with critical thinking, and provide other knowledge or information to me. This is better than any praise or welcome, no matter how grand. If there is anything that is not quite right, please correct and perfect it.

  1. There is always a symbol associated with the Holy Grail, so the Holy Grail being discussed is actually the structure of its geometry that is spread across all cultures. Examples include the:

    • Shiv lingam , Aum Symbol , Stupa ,
    • Obelisk , Ankh symbol , and other pagan cross
    • Tanit goddess relief
    • Yahweh or yhwh symbol image in Judaism, Menorah with Candle and Flame, Messianic Symbol
    • Holy Grail image from raide waite tarot card ,
    • Genie lamp in Arabic story,
    • 6 realm of Samsara in Tibet, Squatter Man petroglyph , Secret Seal of Solomon in Lesser key, and others
  2. All of these images have a similarity, which is the presence of three layers:

    • the bottom layer that curves down or branches down or just a flat bottom line or Brahma layer,
    • then the middle layer that curves upwards is the Vishnu or Yoni layer, and
    • the third is the top layer where there is Spirit, the Shiva layer
  3. As also depicted in the goddess Tanit relief where:

    • the bottom layer is a triangle, a symbol of men,
    • the middle layer is made with a crescent moon, a symbol of female, and
    • the highest layer where there is no difference between women and men is symbolized by a star.
  4. This is exactly the same as yhwh or 4 Sefer or Messianic Symbol in Judaism where:

    • Yod is spiritual fire in the top layer, then
    • hei is curved upwards and has 7 branches exactly like the female principle, and
    • waw , the bottom layer is a 6-pointed star then
    • hei , the pesica viscis or alpha symbol
  5. About the star:

    • The 6-pointed star is the same as the 6 realms in Tibetan which is associated with the ancient mantra Om Mani Padme Hum 6 world cycles.
    • The 6-pointed star is also in the heart chakra and shree yantra , tetrahedron grid.
    • The 6-pointed star with a dot in the middle is also a symbol of Vishnu where he is in the heart (in Egyptian called Ib ) of all his worshipers,
    • Note: read somewhere that what they call heart is not actual heart, or mis translated from word core , so maybe it was actually the core , not bodily heart
  6. If the star is 8 or octagonal, it is related to the soul or spirituality used in:

    • Dharmachakra in Buddhism
    • the star of Ishtar ,
    • and also the sigil of Anu (cuneiform uses several tools that leave a triangular mark at the end),
    • and also the spirit symbol in alchemy.
  7. If the star is 4 or square, it is the bottom or root chakra or malkuth 4 areas, 4 sides,

    • Even in feng shui best land area for building is Square,
    • many megalithic and building that touch ground is square
    • the 90 degree which is very materialistic.
  8. In the aum symbol there are also three layers:

    • letter A for Brahma which is like the number 3 if the symbol from Tibet and Arabic Allah all three face upwards like Shivas spear,
    • Then after that U for Vishnu , where this is like a crescent moon facing upwards,
      • the Vishnu and Patanjali symbol itself has 7 snakes, and
      • the Relief has many 7-headed snakes all over the world,
      • Buddhas image in Nepal has 7 dragons, and also for
      • the tilaka that Hindus in India also like tuning fork letter u.
    • Well, the last one is the letter M Shiva symbol which is always depicted with

      • a dot, a round circle and also a star,
      • which means nothingness or non-material, pure spiritual,
      • In Hindu this is called Atman , in Buddhism this is called Sunyatta this is also in the concept of Judaism that is Ain soph aur and ain itself means nothing at all.
  9. In the human body,

    • we also have a spine (rainbow chakra bridge to Asgard )
    • Then we have a large brain which might be depicted with bird wings in the caduceus .
    • And the last one is a round glowing ball crown chakra, that is the thalamus or the relay center of our brain which can also be seen in the eye of Horus and eye of Ra , 2 sides of thalamus, where our soul resides.
  10. If it is said that the Crown chakra is very close to Svarga , the place of the god king Indra with his vajra and other planet gods (equivalent to celestial angels in Judaism, Christianity, Arabic?) in the upper chakra system in Hinduism, then Limitless Light , Limitless and nothingness in the upper sephiroth is the realm of the Trinity above svarga and Kether in Sephiroth

    • However, in many cultures, it is said that there is something higher than the glowing ball, such as the unalome image in Thailand. It has 3 points, and as we know in Judaism, it also has three layers above the crown in the sephirot .
  11. Maybe there are some books that I can share that form the basis of this thought, namely the book Initiates Of the Flames by Manly P. Hall , which I think is a must-read.

  12. For the Brahma layer where there is a lot of materialism or cycles of suffering from birth and death, dualism, two pillars in the sephirot :

    • many depict it with 4 sides, namely 4 elements
    • the last element is the head or integral above any materialism where the primary element is spiritual or empty.
  13. This is exactly like the 5-pointed star or Pentagram Principles where the image also appears on the goetia circle summoning where there are four directions or elements and the last one at the top is a triangle with a circle where there is written tetragrammaton .

    • Bottom Layer is for 2 Legs (Below this layer is an animal tail?)
    • Middle Layer is for 2 Hands in the pose of Hey (letter H pictogram in the History of Alphabet) or like Ka symbol in Egyptian
    • Upper Layer is for the Head, like in the picture of the 6 realms in Tibet, and the Aztec calendar?
  14. This is also the same as the ankh in Egyptian and Pagan cross / Pagan Solar cross where:

    • the bottom is the male part or Alpha or vesica piscis like a fish whose mouth is upwards, then
    • the top part is like Shen rings or omega , where:
      • the other Omega symbol is like the letter w used a lot like aum in Tibetan seed mantra, and also the letter Allah from Arabic.
      • Omega is like the Yoni female part and the image of the Relief Inanna holding 2 shen rings on the left and right, then the god Shammash Utu also holds Shen rings
      • inside the circle, there is a spirit or star or solar star, Womb the birthplace of a baby or when the male part goes up to the female part, then a new life development awakening from the baby occurs,
  15. From the top of the mountain springs a river, or liquid, like the spine that is cerebrospinal fluid running upwards to the ventricles of the brain.

  16. All of this is the concept of the Holy Grail like a Cup and above the cup, there is a circle,

    • so the bottom is a triangle facing upwards like a high mount,
    • the middle is a crescent moon, all rotated 360 on the y-axis and
    • the last one is a soul orb or a ball of light.
  17. However, all of this is reversed in the Lucifer and Lilith sigil (version of the 5-pointed star),

    • where the top is like a 5-pointed star facing downwards (if the left and right arms are given a straight line) then
    • below it the concave crescent moon faces downward with its curve on the left and right
    • then the bottom triangle pointing downward

This one post iwill continue later because the information provided has not been fully described, happy reading and surfing the internet.

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Re: Search of the Holy Grail
By: Moderator / Adept
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Re: Search of the Holy Grail
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No disrespect meant, but couldn't it be that all of these magical objects that predated Christianity (like the practices that these came from) have inspired Christian mythos and thus resulted in the holy grail? I mean, aren't all or basically all of the things in Christianity simply witchcraft practices that were rewritten to support the mythology of the church? Like candles and altars and places of power, etc. No disrespect is meant by this, I'm just confused on what this post is about.
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