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Night Sky Coven (Discord)
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Night Sky Coven is currently accepting applications!

Our coven has a variety of members from different paths and are very welcoming of newcomers. our goal is to be a safe learning environment to allow witches to befriend each other. No tradition or path is excluded from joining us!

We are accepting of LGBTQ+ witches, witches of color, all practices and paths, and understand magic in terms of the left and right hand paths. All members have the opportunity to have their voices heard, lead events, organize things within the coven, and form a close bond with each other.

In order to apply you must:
- HAVE A DISCORD ACCOUNT or be willing to create one.
- Fill the entire application out.
- Be ages 15 to 19, though exceptions may be made upon request.
- Have 5 or more months of experience.
- Be open-minded, respectful of others, and unsupportive of bigotry.

Below is the application to Night Sky! Please fill it out as completely as possible, and if you have any questions about it or the coven PM me at any time. The application itself should be submitted to me, sylvie189, to be reviewed.

- Name and Pronouns:
- Age:
- Time zone:
- Country:
- How active do you plan to be?:
- Years of experience:
- Your practices/desired practices (be as specific as possible):
- What is magic to you (be as specific as possible):
- What is your ideal lifestyle? (be as specific as possible):
- What areas do you specialize in?
- What led you to begin your craft?
- What do you use most often for your sources (website names if you use the internet)?
- Describe your experience level and why you think this is so:
- Either an instagram OR tumblr OR twitter:
- Anything else you'd like to share?
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Re: Night Sky Coven (Discord)
Post # 2
Hi, my name is Jinx, pronouns are she/they, time zone is central I believe, country is USA, plan to be as active as my schedule allows, 6 years experience, I do a lot of works with spirits and energy healing. Not so famous deity work. My ideal lifestyle is one where I can openly be myself with my path and not be criticized. I want to help people in any way I can. What led me to the craft is just been a knowing in my soul that this is me. I’m called since I was little. I use the lesser key of Solomon in most of my work, I also use this forum, but mostly my own spells. Experience is intermediate because I’ve been on and off but have a good amount of knowledge. My insta is jaysta2.0
Last thing is I’m really hopeful to join because I want to talk to more people like me. I live in a conservative place so people who practice are scarce
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