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spell writing

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► spell writing
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spell writing
Post # 1
does enyboty know how to write spells
to make new spells or something like that
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Re: spell writing
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
First try modifying a spell you already can do by changing a few things within the spell. When you have gotten the spell to work, then try starting from scratch.
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Re: spell writing
Post # 3
well it isn't that hard since witchcraft is mostly about symbolism
you just need to know some minor things like what herbs heal what are how it is better to combinate words is chants or what color of candless to use
but mostly you just make out stuff
you don't really need to bless the words of the chant or study the occult for decades to write a simle spell (of course it just depends on what kind of spell we are talking about)
there are too kind of spells:
1.the one in which you use your own powers (by consentrating on the thing you want and using symbolism)
and 2.asking a certein spirit angel deity or divine being to do the work for you
if you chose the first one you will just have to think what exectly do you want to achive using the spell
then write the chant
which will follow with picking up the things which will create the symbolism (like a candle;a picture;an object;etc.)
that's about it but you can add what ever you want as far as your imagination goes
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Re: spell writing
Post # 4
Hope This helps.

Spell Crafting

"Spell Crafting is an art."

I am not sure where I heard that, but it is very true. Spell Crafting is a way of life. Spells are not a way to "get what you want", but a natural way to understand what you really need and learn to reflect and direct that in your actions. We are all magnetic to our needs, and you will attract what you need, IF you truly need it.

I am not giving you a list of spells. I will however, give you a guideline for writing them and an understanding on how they work. For many Witches, the whole aspect of Spell Crafting is secondary to the religion. Witchcraft IS a RELIGION, focusing on the Gods and Goddesses and celebrating the natural cycle of life. When you realize the connection to nature and the God/Goddess, you can than realize that life truly IS magical.

Purpose of the checklist:

1. Gives focus to the outcome of the spell.

2. Keeps your Spell Crafting consistent.

3. Basis for organization and categorizing detailed information.

Spell Crafting Checklist

1. Are you in a good frame of mind?

2. What is your intent? (Specific reason for the spell)

3. Do you have all the items and correspondences ready?

4. Is it an elaborate or a simple spell? (What type of spell is needed)?

5. Is the outcome feasible? Does it make sense? Is it something that can be worked without a spell?

6. Will the outcome hurt anyone or anything, including yourself?

7. Set and Send

8. Remember than forget

Basic Understanding of Spells

Spells are similar to a prayer, except you have placed your energy and time in creating the outcome. Remember the old saying, "Energy can never been destroyed; only transformed". Everything in this world is made of energy, resonating on completely different frequencies. It can make living objects appear nonliving. I.e....rock.
Even our personal aura’s change when we feel emotions. With your eye you may not be trained to see it, but your subconscious mind picks up on the subtle differences. This is ONE of the reasons why it is so important to have a good mindset when doing spell work.

I also want you to think of energy on different levels. Energy works on an entirely different level than our mind can understand. All of the symbols you use in your spells, i.e.. Color, runes, tarot, etc. is your conscious mind speaking to your subconscious mind. This helps to create a shift to allow your subconscious mind to start working with you and not against your wishes. So, if you think of creating your spell on two levels at once, the outcome will be much more powerful.

Now, when I think of creating a spell, I often think of it as a shift or pull on the web of life. Understand that life is like a web, and if you create a spell, you will create an outcome. If you very gently touch the web, it will create an energy pulse through the universe. Energy can’t be destroyed, so even the minuscule amount has to go somewhere. With that in mind, realize that everything in life has polarities, which means a check and balance. I.e. up and down, left and right, night and day, male and female. This doesn’t mean they are negative, it means that there are "two coins to every situation". So you should consider how the web would be pulled by your actions.

Frame of Mind
1. Anytime you are ready to make or perform a spell; you should always
be situated in a good frame of mind. If you are angry, upsets, sick, or your are not thinking clearly, don’t attempt a spell. It’s the same as a Freudian slip; the subconscious mind can take over. This is important here, if you are feeling one thing but thinking something else, your spell will not be focused.

What is your intent?

2. Think of the "reason" why you are doing this spell. Who or what is the spell geared toward? Money? Happiness? Love? (We will discuss this later.) You need to have a very specific reason. The intent is the most important aspects of a spell. The intent sets the foundation. It is the conscious and subconscious mind wishes and wants. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool, and you will use it to help create your spell.
Consider what type of emotion or effect you wish to create by the outcome of the spell. Really lock into the "end" result and visualize or create a strong focus on that outcome.
Once you know why you are doing this spell, write it down as intent. Consider whether you can break down the intent even more. (This is similar to the 2-year-old child who asks "why" to every question.) The further you break it down, the more controlled and directed it will become. Intent is actually the outcome. I guess you can say it is backwards, since you need to consider this before you begin.

Items and Correspondences

3. This can be the longest part of a spell. This of course is assuming you already have the "mind set" for the spell and good intent. There are items called correspondences. (Your subconscious minds symbology) Certain colors can create different intentions; Elements have different vibrations that can guide your spell. Rocks, gems, herbs, flowers, and all forms of divination tools (Tarots, Runes, I-ching, Oglam, etc.) are useful. Rhymes are also excellent in increasing the vibration level of the spell.
Draw a picture, use a poem, write, or verbalize how you "wish" your outcome to manifest. Consider taking words as literal. If you want to "toss" out anger, do just that. Write everything that makes you angry on paper and "toss" it away. The Gods can also help you to obtain your desired outcome. Never use a God or Goddess that you have never worked with before. Find a picture and meditate or read about their myths and dig far into the meanings and understand their energy. Regardless of what religion you are connected with, if you do ask for help from a God or Goddess, respect them. Their energy is ancient and real.
All of these symbols we are talking about are like links that keep both your subconscious and conscious minds working together, which in turn keeps the spell focused. This is the same as when I mentioned working on two levels.

The more simple you keep your spell the better it will work.

After a while your correspondance will be specific to you. Example, how I see the color yellow, and how you may see it are different. If you dislike the color green, how well will work for you in a healing spell?
This information is hard work with a lot of research involved. Use only the corrospondances that you understand and are comfortable with.

Elaborate or simple

4. You can make Spells that take over a year to create; this is usually called a talisman. Or you could do natural magic, which is as simple as watching a leave float down a river and sending your wish on its way. Will one work better than the other? Depends on you and the intent. You are the master of the outcome. Do you need months to make it work? Do you need to work with the correspondences of the moon? Do you have a time frame? A Talisman, for example takes a lot of energy and focus; all of your intention and attention needs to be specifically geared to the outcome, so this type of spell is best done in a full circle within a magical setting.


5. Be realistic in what you are requesting. Spells don't get you out of hard work and living your life. Remember I mentioned..."Spells are similar to a prayer, except you have placed your energy and time in creating the outcome." YOU need to work your spell in a mundane way. Spells are meant to guide you to your goal, not stop you from creating them. If you can work your situation in a mundane way, try that first. There are rewards to this work; there are also downfalls.


6. Will this spell hurt anyone in any way, shape or form? Spell Crafting is not a toy that is used for your anger or hate. It is a tool, which is used to give you more control over your life. If you’re not sure how your spell will fair for the other person, you may be best to leave it alone. If you wish to do a spell for someone, ask first.
I would also state that doing a spell to control ones mind or their actions is also considered negative.
In essence, if your "Negative Spells cup runneth over", you’re going to get wet. Would you rather get soaked with positive energy or negative? What you send out during a spell will trickle back toward you, so it is advised to keep your spells positive. I consider this similar to fireworks; after the firecracker has burst, there is always fallout.

If your spell still seems to be based in anger or a negative emotion, think of a way to change your mindset to work for you. Try to "get ride of it". When you get ride of something negative, always replace the "empty" hole with a positive emotion, which is usually the opposite emotion you are replacing.

Set and Send

7. This is the next most important step next to intent. This is when the spell is "sent" on its way. To do this you need to put the emotions and energy into your spell by "visualizing" the results. The key point here is to concentrate and focus on your intent. Use your correspondences and symbols to aid you in this focus. Go into this with the positive attitude that it will work.
See yourself where you wish to be at the outcome of the spell. Build up energy and focus it on your intent. Chant, sing, dance or watch a candle flicker. You can also place your spell in something and let it work for you. (Planting a seed in the earth) The wind can carry thoughts, and you can literally visualize that if it works for you. You will find the best method over time and with practice. Once you have created your spell, actually done all the work and you are now "sending it out" in motion, you should state either in words or in thought that the spell is complete. This gives all the hard work an ending and allows the spell to manifest itself. Your spell is done. Take a deep breath.

This may be a little difficult for those who don’t visualize well. In that case, what I suggest it to experience the emotion you wish your Intent to generate and use that as your focus.

·Consideration- if you utilize a lot of personal energy during the creation of a spell, make sure you wind down and ground your excess energy. Having a bite to eat will help you to do this. If you do a lot of high-powered spells, you should consider reading into the many different ways to ground excess energy.


8. When the spell is finished, write down your thoughts, feelings and exactly what you did during the spell to create it. Keep good notes on all of your correspondences. This will help you to learn them and to see what works and what doesn‘t.
Now, forget about it! Do something positive for yourself. You gave the spell the energy it needed, now give it plenty of time to work and manifest. Your outcome will be there when you need it. Don’t be surprised if your response show up in the strangest places.

Few points that are worth mentioning, but not necessarily "steps" in creating a spell.

Back to the beginning for a moment.


Other sources
If you use a spell from any source other than yourself, make sure it is from a reputable person and you understand the wording completely. Make sure the spell fits your personal intent. The best working spells are the ones with the truest intention and written in the words of the sender.
If you do use someone else's work, try and change at least one aspect of the spell to make it more personal to your situation. Keep your intention in focus.

Love spells
If the love spell you create is working to control the mind of the person you love, than that is not considered love, only selfish manipulation. You would be better off creating a spell to respect yourself or to have the strength to get through a tough situation. Consider this really hard since "love" is a very powerful emotion that is usually not rooted in objective thinking. Remember the "mind set" of the spell. If you are not thinking clearly because of love, you could make the situation worse.

I like to think of binding as the "key" to "lock" the spell in so that it will not involve anything but the desired intent. Read into this more before you try it. This can be dangerous if your intention is not pure.

Quiet down
Spell crafting should be done quietly. When your spells in motion it shouldn’t be discussed until its outcome has manifested. Once you take the focus off the outcome of the spell, its affects will decrease. Bragging will backfire.

End Note
Feel free to write me and let me know if this paper has helped you with your "spell" writing. Your comments will help me to modify the paper if some things are not understandable.
I took my personal time to write this and give you a general guideline to Spell Crafting. Please be considerate of my efforts and do not ask me to send you a spell. If someone else wants to give you spells, that is his or her right. I personally find it very rude for someone to plead me for a spell. It shows a lack of patience and maturity to take the time to create them yourself.

I will not answer requests for spells at any time!

I also want to end with this thought. This is not the only guide out there and not the only way. There are different methods to creating spells with wonderful examples. Please don’t make the mistake of not expanding your abilities.
Learn from all sources of information and utilize what works for you.
You are only limited by your own imagination. Blessings...Cheryl (AW*) Shryl@aol.com

Copyright- 1999- Revised 2001 Cheryl (AW*) If this is distributed in any format, please give credit to the author. Thank You.

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Re: spell writing
Post # 5
i have written 2 spells and 1 of them worked but not like i wanted it to and all i did was call upon dietys and say a command and it is like a poem which is what most spells seem to be
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Re: spell writing
Post # 6
spell writing right now can be hard for some and easy for others. It just depends on the casters experience also.

I am still learning a lot about the occult and paranormal. So i have not written any spells yet. I don't feel ready yet. But when the time comes i will be. It just takes a lot of practice and patience also.

The best thing in spell writing is to make sure what you want the spell to do and be about. Put simple words too it from the hear. Writing your own spells gives it more positive energy also. Make to sure to keep things clear and too the point. Nothing to complicated to make it hard for you to remember.

Also make sure to have a spell book or one calls it the book of shadows to keep a record your spells. so all you have to do is look them up incase if you ever needed to use them again.

Blessed Be
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