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Name: TheCrone
Location: Poplar Bluff, Mo.
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I am female, redheaded, green eyed, chubby, age 55. I was looking for a pic to post, then I realized, I don't HAVE any pics of myself. lol. I'll be getting a digital camera sometime soon, and I'll post one then. In the meantime the pic on my profile looks enuff like me to give you an idea of my appearanc. I have been a Witch since I WAS 15, gosh thats how many years? 40? man, that makes me feel old!!! I am a solitary eclectic wiccan, right now I am studying Correllian Wicca at WitchSchool. I have been out of the Broomcloset since "97, when I had an accident and broke my neck and back. Decided lifes to short and was tired of all the necessary fabrications. It felt like my whole life was a lie and I couldn't take it anymore. Needless to say, living in the bible thumpers' belt as I do, it HAS been interesting!!! I'm into white magick, but always interested in learning about others' paths, whatever they may be. I have a twenty-five year old daughter who is studying to be a doctor I have two cats,Almost and Punkinpuss, and A dog, Dixie. Two rabbits, Thumper and Little Nickie. Just got a new baby kitty. Was attacked by something which killed it's littermates. Is prob. about 10 days - 2 weeks old. Have to feed it on a bottle. I found homes for Mustard, Magick, and Marly.I still have all the other kittens n cats plus a couple more besides. And now Ihave a new kittie(like I need more! HELP!!!) Like so many others, she was adopted by one of our gursts and after a couple of days, they got tired of her and thru her out onto the parking lot. When I went to work, there she was, sitting on the sidewalk crying her little heart out. She's a calico, about 6 weeks old and for soe reason, shes facinated by my computer. Can't keep her off of it! I live and work in a little Motel in SouthEast Mo. I just started learning the Tarot, am beginning a course in feline magick. I love to talk(lol) so If you wanna, let me know. I have Gotten a pretty good start on my Witches World Online Book of Shadows. I will have more pages up soon, so keep checking back.