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Dragon Magic Anyone?

Forums ► Other Paths ► Dragon Magic Anyone?
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Dragon Magic Anyone?
Post # 1
Hello, My name is rose and I am quite new here, When I was little my mother Taught me in the ways of craft. She was an "Earthy" Witch (how she put it) but as I grew older I realized this isn't my path. I soon turned to Dragon magic. As time went on I became very busy with life such as School, and family. and due to being so busy I have lost touch in the craft. though I am still busy I hope to get back in to practice. Is there anyone who also practices Dragon magic?
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Re: Dragon Magic Anyone?
Post # 2
I recommend reading the Draconian Ritual Book by Asenath Mason.
It is LHP though.
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Re: Dragon Magic Anyone?
Post # 3
There are a few practitioners on the site, though. I think you could find a forum thread or two.
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Re: Dragon Magic Anyone?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
If you look at the second line of tabs here in the forum you see All Forums, Newest, and Covens. If you click on the Coven tab you will see a coven called Dragon Magic, which has many forum posts on dragon magic you might find useful.
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Re: Dragon Magic Anyone?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

There are indeed a few people who practice Draconic magic or otherwise work with dragons in magic. For the most-part this sort of path is mostly a combination of Self-realization and personal gnosis as to developing a personal practice. As far as I am aware there are few people who have attempted to make a formalized structure. DJ conway is the main one that springs to mind, primarily through her book 'dancing with dragons'.

For some, dancing with dragons is a reasonable starting point but it needs a whole bunch of caveats to bear in mind. The main one is that Conway basically did a 'conversion' of more common magical practices by replacing the corners and deities of other cultures or histories with draconic equivalents. Some of which, when looked at in history, aren't exactly true dragons let alone 'dragon gods'. for example in the book, 'fafnir' is suggested as the dragon to call on for the southern quarter. However Fafnir is a nordic character. A dwarf who became a dragon as a curse through betrayal and greed, and was then slain.

In the end, Conway's books treat dragons within magic more like archetypes than actual beings. Symbolic forms to represent primal natural forces. But with a little considering and a touch of a change in approach, it can be very useable as a place to begin.

There was a Draconic practicer (and otherkin) who went by J'Karrah who had a website with some extremely good information on it years ago. Unfortunately the site itself has gone down, but exerpts and essays of his/hers are still floating around the interwebs as reposts. I think this one in particular would be helpful for you, especially when applied to Conway's works;


Other such articles can be found if you hunt a bit. Just plug "J'Karrah" into google and a few should come up.

When approaching the idea of working with Dragons in your magical workings, it is usually best to recognize them not as deities or archetypes, but more as ascended masters and guides. Dragons can work with any element or association, but just as with people, they are individuals and so different dragons might specialize and focus on different things. There isn't really any 'specific' practice that one must learn in order to connect with them, so it becomes more a matter of simply using whatever practice or methods you are already familiar with, and simply changing who you are working with in your magic from an entity or deity to asking for help from a Dragon who is a master of the element or quality you are calling on instead. IE; instead of calling the elements or particular deities to your corners, call on a Dragon who is master of that element to guard the corner.

The rest is time and letting things progress how they will. As time goes on and as you continue your practice of working with Dragons, you might start getting a sense of familiarity to the energies that come as the same dragons (or dragon, some are masters of many things) return to help you and you build a rapport together.

Sometimes a dragon will give you an impression of identiy, like a name or other title that you can use to call to while working with them. Generally speaking most dragons don't place much importance on names amongst themselves, but they aren't against giving themselves one to help you connect with them. *laughs* of course true to form they like to give you names that might be significant either to their perceived role in the growing relationship, or as something symbollic or Self reflective for the practitioner they are choosing to work with. So while researching the name you are given and where it might come from might yield some interesting insights it shouldn't be taken as a rigid definition or 'true' identity for the dragon. One Dragon might even identify itself to you as something Grandiose or dramatic like Tiamat, but that doesn't necessarily mean the dragon actually is. However it might be reflective of the Dragon's chaotic nature, for example.

TLDR; Walking a path of dragon magic is akin to connecting with an ascended master or other guide. You do not join a practice so much as ask a dragon to help you follow your own, and lend a bit of his/her expertise along the way.
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Re: Dragon Magic Anyone?
Post # 6
Is there any reason someone would be unworthy of dragon magic I desperately want to practice and and completely facinated by it and do not want to discrace it by seeming unworthy
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Re: Dragon Magic Anyone?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
In all honesty such fears are fairly baseless. I don't see the ability to get help from dragons as a case of being worthy or not. It has more to do with... compatbility of personality I guess. Dragons are individuals just like people, and just like people, some get along with certain people better than others.

There isn't really any list of special minimum requirements for skill or dedication to working with dragons. It jut takes having a perspective of openness to connecting with them as partners in magic, and a willingness to try to learn from them when they have something to teach.

Sometimes, if you are not connecting with dragons it may just be a matter of them and their energies/contributions not being aligned with your own energies and intents. So it may be that your practice and skills are better geared towards working with a different entity or deity (or pantheon), or perhaps a different path entirely such as direct energy working, healing, reiki, or some other path more suited to your temperaments and understanding.

Not everyone can or will conenct with dragons. Not everyone is meant to. This doesn't make any individual better, or worse, or stronger, or weaker... it just means that your talents might go in a direction outside of the areas of expertise dragons might be able to help you with. Or that working with dragons and their intensity of energy and penchant for driving swift change might be an unfavorable combination.

Personally my own needs happened to be compatible with the intensity and sometimes blunt approach they tend to take. I tend to sit and stagnate on things so I need an occasional punt up the keister to get me up and out of a rut. And my attention drifts from topic to topic quickly, leading to longish periods of spinning in circles with little movement before suddenly hitting a spot of traction, blasting off hard and fast for a while, then running out of steam and repeating the cycle. Dragons are used to patiently waiting for long, long times for favorable conditions to appear before lunging into action, putting out intense and rapid effort and energy to trigger (sometimes dramatic) changes, then sitting back and letting those changes bear fruit with maybe an occasional little nudge.

When looking for a guide, guardian, or other entity to work with it is about connecting with someone who suits you, your practices, and predispositions best. Dragon, Deity, or dove, the teacher's first job is to lead you to yourself. To do that, any guide needs to work in a way that is complimentary to you and your needs. You wouldn't ask an art teacher to give special lessons to a math prodigy. Nor would someone focused on healing call on a god of war. Same principle for working with dragons.
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Re: Dragon Magic Anyone?
By: / Novice
Post # 8
if you wish to learn from a wisdom stand point, you'll be fine, if you want to learn how to cast powerful spells or manipulate others, or brag about how cool it all is, there's a greater chance the Dragons will ignore your requests. this said, if you have good intentions and still get no answer, i've found its not that you didn't get an answer, it's that you didn't understand the answer. say you're brand new to witchcraft and haven't gotten a strong enough grasp on 'the basics' this could make connecting with spiritual beings difficult, so they might of said 'yes' or even 'get better grounding first' but you couldn't connect with astral beings at the time and conclude that the Dragons ignored you. just be honest and observant is really the best advice i could give.

this path can be scary, a big part of this is because you're relatively on your own just by the nature of Dragon Magick. that said your Guide would know what's best, so if you can meditate, do energy work [and some astral projection wouldn't hurt] i'd say set up an altar and go for it, if for whatever reason you're told 'no' it doesn't means 'never' it just means 'not right now'. i've been told no by Dragons, and they've never said no and walked away, they tell me what to do instead. the first time i was told no, i came to the Dragons with a question [and what i considered the right answer in my mind] the Dragon i was speaking with just responded bluntly with what i needed to do instead, but which wasn't what i wanted to hear [i was interested in doing one thing and was hoping they would say 'do that thing you want to do' instead i was told to focus on what i was ignoring because i found it boring] and i resisted, but after a few months i realized they were right. they gave me an answer, i argued, they walked away and until i listened to their advice, they wouldn't help me with anything.
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