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"Let them not be swayed."

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Hiya. Call me Dex. I'm a practicing eclectic pagan, and have been for several years. I joined the site to learn more in the quest for knowledge. I'm on the site pretty regularly, almost every day, but I do have a job, so I might not always answer right away.

I find all aspects of magick interesting, but here are a few things I feel confident about :

  • The Basics (You Can Never Recap Enough)
  • Signamancy (This Is Where I Got My Start)
  • Sigilcraft
  • Wards and Protection
  • Object Enchantment
  • Elemental Invocation
  • Sympathetic & Poppet Magick
  • Cleansings

Having said all of that, I'm really not very formal about magick, and most of my spells are made up on the spot. While I love a good spot of wordplay and I do write poetry, I don't think that's really what magick is about. Symbols and words, languages long dead, these things are tools at our disposal. Magick is about you, make no mistake about it, and it is a very individualized practice.

Here are a few things I have no interest in performing, for myself or anybody else :

  • Curses & Hexwork
  • Love Spells
  • Spirit Channeling & Communication
  • Anything That Infringes on Anyone's Ability to Think For Themselves

I do not believe in a pantheon or god. I believe that at one point, there must have been a power so great as to create our universe and every aspect of it, but this power is no longer active in the world. I don't pretend to understand that power's motives or endgame; I simply know that it is either gone, or is content to watch it's creations live as they would. Magick, I think, is only a fragment of its power, left behind when it disappeared or gifted willingly to us. I refer to this belief as Deus Absentium , and you may see me bring it up from time to time.

I will not cast spells for you. If you have a specific question (i.e., "What kind of ward works the best for you?" and not "Do you know any wards?"), then feel free to mail me, and I'll try and answer it to the best of my ability, or point the way to somebody who knows better than I do. Please , please, please don't mail me asking about role-playing, shapeshifting, love spells, or asking me to teach you. I have a life of my own outside this site, and in any case, I don't think I've learned enough to teach anybody outright.