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Post # 1
Bad day to you. Have one question. You say "we dont have magic from hollywood". Then what is the thing you all are doing here??? "Transfering the powerful energy" and breathing? What exactely can you do? If anything. Hah?
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Re: Old
By: / Novice
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: Old
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
The vast majority of magic in popular culture is simply fiction. If magic were shown as it is in reality, most depictions would be completely boring.

People don't want to see a character chanting in front of a candle and some herbs in hopes of finding a new job. They want to see a swishing wand, sparkles, levitating objects, shape-shifting, mysterious dramatic results, and the like.

Magic is subtle. It does not work like in the movies.
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Re: Old
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I know why Im here, I think the more pertinent question is; why are you here?

Not a flame, but given your post, you might want to look into that instead.

Have a great day!

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Re: Old
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
personally, after my many years of learning i have come to accept that there is a much better question than 'What can you do'. And that would be "Why do you want to do it?" After-all, that is the main driving force in every decision a person makes. And that sort of introspection also bears the most growth as a person.

I suppose that you did ask a direct question though, and in fairness I should give a direct answer. I will try to stick to actions I have genuinely taken where I have received some sort of feedback of an experienced result.

I performed remote healing and other energy-working sessions with friends and family who have described a release of tension, reduction of pain, a presence of heat or tingling in the area i focused on, and a general improvement of the injury or illness or to the general perceived flow of their personal energies.

On one occasion I was directly present and assisting in a banishing of a negative entity that had been following my brother since his youth. During the banishing i was focused on separating the entity's influence and presence from my brother, who repeatedly and without prompting told me how my actions were blocking it off.

On another occasion I performed a remote healing on someone who had stripped off an attachment he had that made him feel weakened and like it was going to come back. After the session he described a much improved sense of comfort, a relief of anxiety, and a restored sense of personal energy. Over the remaining two years or so of communicating with the person I heard no news of a return of the entity or further stories of negative effects.

A previous girlfriend I lived with suffered from night-terrors and sleep paralysis from her early teens through to her mid twenties when we lived together. She routinely felt the presence of a malicious entity near to her during these episodes, which is not uncommon with the disorder as the person is still technically dreaming while still also conscious and unable to move. However the presence routinely spoke to her, and there were times when I would wake up feeling a presence two or three minutes before she would have an episode. I built and cast a protection and banishing. For the remaining two years of our relationship the incidences of sleep paralysis and night terrors were greatly reduced, occurring once every three or four weeks instead of once every few days. I currently do not know if they remain less frequent as we have not been in touch for several years now.

I am currently with a wonderful girlfriend who has some personal sensitivities of her own, and she very quickly felt, recognized, and successfully described my spirit guide without prompting, and helped us to avoid a major negative situation through sharing a dream-based premonition. Full details about the event would make for a hugely long story. But to summarize we were driving home from an evening visit with some friends when she shared a concern regarding the drive, and begged me to be careful. I had complied and changed my driving habits, being more cautious and less aggressive. About halfway home I had just begun accelerating off of a stop light. I intended to accelerate quickly to get ahead of a vehicle on my right so i could get into the lane, then remembered the warning and consciously decided to instead slow down and take the lane behind the other driver. A Jay-walker ran across the street just ahead of traffic, who I did not see until he got past the vehicle I was originally intending to pass. It was near enough that the Jay-walker put his hand on the hood of the other vehicle to avoid it. I was already doing about 40kmph (25 mph) and my front bumper was just level with the other car's rear one. I was able to stomp on the brakes and avoid the impact.

If I did not change my routine behavior, I would have been about level with the other vehicle, moving more quickly, and had my foot pressing on the accelerator instead of coasting down my speed and having my foot already freed of the pedals- reducing the reaction time to hit the brakes. Chances are very good that it would have been a recipe for severe injuries if not permanent harm.
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