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Name: thorleifc
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Well, it has been years since I started visiting this website and started exploring magick and what it can do.
It continues to be a profound and very uplifting experience. I have a better understanding of manifesting positive things in my life. This website is a great start, at least for me, to get that going.
The results of research, applying myself and learning how magick works and then executing that have made all the difference. Magick has brought prosperity, joy and wonder into my life...due in no small part to the many really wonderful and knowledgable people I have met here.
I use an eclectic approach using ritual magick of the qaballah, witchcraft and paganism to manipulate energy to effect positive changes for myself and others.
Whatever it is you want to do...YOU need to do it. Be patient and learn and listen and the dividends are nothing short of magickal.
Blessings and Light!