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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Reincarnation

Post # 1

Hello! So, I believe in reincarnation, but I started having question recently.

I'm having a hard time figuring things out about souls reincarnating. As an example, I'll use one of my favorite founding fathers; Alexander Hamilton.

Who was he before he was Alex? Who did he become after he was killed? Is there anyway to chart someone's incarnations? However, I'd use this information for others, just not Alexander.

Thanks for listening to my many questions!

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Re: Reincarnation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I definitely do not have the answers you seek. There are some different viewpoints on how reincarnation works.

Some people believe that a person is reincarnated immediately, while some believe there is a time gap for any of a plethora of reasons, such as penance for decisions made in the previous life (depending on beliefs).

Some believe the same spirit is -- for lack of a better way to immediately express the idea -- whole in each incarnation, though some believe that a spirit return to the 'all,' and the next iterate to be on the physical plane is a combination of others which had also become one with the 'all' before being sent out into another life.

I think based solely on that alone, it would be very difficult to track the incarnate path of the same soul (or spirit, however your belief names that which is incarnated and reincarnated). What would make it even more-so is that there are so many side-show 'psychics' who will tell their paid clients that they were some famous person in a past life. Napoleon seems to be a popular answer, at least in jokes. But I think the point still stands.
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Re: Reincarnation
Post # 3
This is just my opinion about reincarnation. But I feel people keep being brought back to live more lives are there to learn something specific that they haven't learned yet. Then there could be those people who have had great influence on the world and people. Those might be held until the world needs someone like that to help influence the world at a certain time.
For example Alexander Hamilton, he may not have been reincarnated yet. It may be there will be a more appropriate time where he is needed. He could be born today because of our political status, etc. So I'm not sure how you could chart it other than finding a way for a person to remember their past lives. Then possibility figuring out time periods and other things by the description.
I find reincarnation very interesting and think about it often, trying to figure out what makes the most sense to me.
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Re: Reincarnation
Post # 4
I see reincarnation as somewhat more abstract. Here is my opinion: When a living creature or a celestial body dies, its energies are dispersed throughout the Earth or the universe respectively. That energy takes on different forms as it moves through space-time.

In this case, "Alex" didn't really become anyone else, nor was he ever any one thing or person. He was, and is, many things in a state of constant change and motion, that are hard for individual minds to grasp due to the vast scope that this change takes place over. The spirit that came from "Alex" would be unrecognizable from the living being who once held that name, yet that still resides among our world and continues to influence it.
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Re: Reincarnation
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Think about this. In theoretical physics, quantum physics there is a theory that is called infinite universes. So in this universe, I am making this post. There are infinite universes where I make this post. There are infinite universes like this one, where I dont make this post.

And an infinite number of universes where I have red hair instead of brown.

etc etc etc

What if part of your soul journey takes place in some of these other universes where everything is the same except that you meet person XYZ?

And on and on and on...

Untill you reach your end of your soul journey and have acquired or lost or whatever it is that you can just rest and become diffused outside of the material existence of this kind of universe.

Among the Buddhists, reincarnation is prevalent. They go to great lengths to find children at a young age that have become reincarnated masters. Students will send time and effort looking for their dead but reincarnated teachers.

Anyway, always interesting topic thats for sure....

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Re: Reincarnation
Post # 6

Well, thank you all for replying! I enjoyed reading your answers!

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Re: Reincarnation
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
As far as I am aware the closest I have heard of for people being able to read past incarnations from others would be from stories of Guru's and other spiritual masters connecting with and reading a person's karma/Akashic record. It is a similar concept.

My own views on Reincarnation and life between lives is more new-age than it is traditional, and so far my favorite books on the subject are 'Journey of souls' and 'Destiny of souls'. Both are by Michael Newton.
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