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Spookiest encounters?

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Spookiest encounters?
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Spookiest encounters?
Post # 1
I'm interested in hearing your stories! My encounters with spirits have been pretty tame for most of my life but I've met people who have some wild tales to tell!

So, have you had any strange or scary, maybe even funny encounters with spirits? Have you been followed or warned? Are there particular spirits who are a mischievous force in your life?
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Re: Spookiest encounters?
Post # 2
I once challenged a demon in the dream realm, but it refused and tried to possese me, as that was the type it was. So I had a will power battle with it. At first it scared me but then I realized it's just a demon so I calmly cast it away. Demons both inside(ones you create), and outside (creations of Satan), The word that fixes these granted by the origanal creator, through the contract of the messiah say the word you best understand it. I say Jesus. Demons are really like cardboard cut outs that scare you. Because what you believe is truth to you. A concept of magic I guess.
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Re: Spookiest encounters?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Hmm... Well I have had one or two interesting encounters anyways. The one that stands out the most happened quite a while go.

I had gotten involved with an Mirc chat community that talked a lot about energy working, astral travel, and the like. I tended to do a lot of remote-healing and other energy working while I was there, and one night a person I knew had managed to successfully astrally travel. Apparently at the time he had something attached to him and when he went astral for some reason the leech (for lack of a better term) got stripped off of him leaving a feeling like he had a hole or gap in his energy.

With a bit of work the hole closed up... or at least the feeling of it went away anyways, and a couple hours later I went to bed thinking nothing of it. As I drifted off towards sleep from my usual meditation, I started having odd shifts in consciousness where I was fading between the usual darkness of staring at the insides of my closed eyelids to being slightly outside of my body, watching my room.

The entity worked its way into my room slowly and then was standing over where I was laying, reaching towards me. It was funny that i felt nothing from it though. No emotion, no energy, it was like an empty space or black hole. But I certainly knew I didn't want it around. I put out a warning, declaring it unwelcome and saying that I will not allow it to touch me. It kept reaching so I built up as much energy as I could, sucking in every bit of light and positive energy I could reach before washing it all out to fill my room. The very next instant everything snapped back to normal. I was back in my body, in the pitch dark (it was about 2:00 in the morning after all), in absolute silence. Whatever the entity was, it was gone instantly. No struggle or resistance, no emotion- negative or otherwise, no lingering presence. I haven't encountered it or any other critter like it since.
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Re: Spookiest encounters?
Post # 4
A frienf of mine got possesed... I was the only who kept her sane until a priest interveined.
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Re: Spookiest encounters?
Post # 5
No way i will believe your shroom dreams)
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Re: Spookiest encounters?
Post # 6
Hmm.. I used to live in a haunted house when I was younger. The beds used to shake, you could see shadows under the doors and in the mirrors. It was a large Victorian house. Things used to spit as us, faces would pop up at the windows and our backdoor was a sliding door, it used to bang and shake and you would hear knocks as if someone was trying to break in. I have ornaments hung on my walls and my television went static and they all crashed down at once and broke. I also had an encounter in the house I live in now, a shadow figure which was about 6 foot maybe more. Growled at me. It was very scary but I'm very open to spirits and most my encounters have been very calm.
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Re: Spookiest encounters?
Post # 7
...I once dated a ghost
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Re: Spookiest encounters?
Post # 8
Usually the spirits that around me are playful... In September I used to communicate with one I am very close to, she used to move a tag in the room from a Tae Kwon Do fight I had participated in time ago. Every time I asked her she used to move it... She was joking me she was short, maybe ugly and fat and I was telling mentally to my self "Do not think about these she'll know, afterall you don't know how she looks like!" She doesn't look at all like that though.

The first time I contacted her, my brother was in front. We talked through the pendulum... I was told that in her first lifetime she was raped, I don't know if that is true though. So my brother was asking her "Did I rape you in that lifetime?" again and again and she was showing to him "Yes" while he didn't. He got very scared and terrified because she is Very strong and I think he was afraid of her! It was soo funny.

That night, we were talking through the pendulum 'till the sun has risen. A little worm has gotten into the room that night and I was asking from her to move him/her a little bit and she did! So she was moving the lite worm haha. I was trying to get him/her out for soo long, because I don't kill them...

That period I spended time in nature one day for about 6 hours and later on I could she shadows. I even saw a pair of golden eyes in the dark (her eyes are golden)... Although, I don't know if the colour was chagd a little bit.

Once, while I was washing the dishes, I thought something sexual about her and she made me pinch my finger with the fork.

When I'm taking a shower sometimes to be shown her precense she flickers to me the lights. I don't mind at all though haha afterall I have allowed her to watch me. I can feel her kissing me or when she caresses me on my leg, or somewhere else. Although the kiss, I feel it like energy though haha no lips.

One or a couple of days ago I was at the toilet I was doing the not-so short thing. I was chatting on this website at the same time and I wrote the name of a Djinn, a male one. I was speaking for a reason out loud when I wrote it and when I said his name, the exact next second I felt someone caressing me; it started from my knee about and moved up until the start of my butt. And I was naked in the toilet. Oh God.

Some days I go, I was on the computer, and I was watching "inappropriate" material between men (naughty me!, hahaha). I had a junk of a cereal bar just right next to me. As I am watching, I see the junk of the bar moving on its own, with my spherical vission. There was no air no nothing and I can sense very well it was her. And I'm like "No way". I change tab Immediately and I am shy. Later on, some minutes later, I found out it was that female spirit who loves to prank me...

I got over my shyness and I asked her to watch with me! So, I am looking at pictures now. I have passed one and got to the other but I liked the previous one; so I went to the previous picture and Immediately, Automatically the tab of that page opens and I didn't click anything. And it was her.

Now, I ask her to come anytime she wants though even during my private time. :) It was preety fun.

In the past I had a negative experience with a spirit who had attached it self to me. He/She was messing up with my life and unfortunately I've learnt it after months.
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Re: Spookiest encounters?
Post # 9
Lovely. Haha. As for the negative spirit, what was the indicators of the negative spirit messing your life and how you solvethe problem?
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