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Name: Isroll2.0
Location: Meridian #7769
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This is my second profile, so if any one has questions about the spells made by Isroll that was me. I am the one who holds the Wooden Cup, and a teacher of wisdom. I study the arts that the Shalin Monks created.
At times all I have is a collection of lies, stolen thoughts and memorys.
I am a peace keeper, the last of the Yang peace keepers. Siding with the light side if possible. The tipes of magic on this site is my next tool I intend to use to fullfil my dudy as a Peace Keeper of the Yang(PKY) I am a sponge of knowledge and wisdom. After I rebiuld (and the war is over) the PKY we will be the new age of temple guardians. It is time that not balance between good and evil is the objective, but peace. Evil shows no peace, therefore the Yang must prevail over Yin.
I can teach light magic, aura manipulation, enchanting, runes, and telekinesis. I have knowledge on many ancient runes, such as elder futhark. I will leave my mark everywhere including here.
I also practice DNA manipulation, and I have a strong grip on it.