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Hello. I'm a young White/Hedge Witch who has been practicing about 3 years now. I am interested in Hedge Witchcraft, White Witchcraft and Green Witchcraft. I also work with Draconic Wicca and Faerie Wicca. I try to incorporate Crystals and Stones into my spell work. I like simple easy spells, that help me or others in a way, though I only use spells if I really have to. I believe being Pagan for me is about the religion and the experience rather than all the fancy tools and spells, although I love doing spells I don't do them often only if they are needed. My Spirit Animal/s are Mostly Birds as I have an extremely deep connection with them. I have found and cared for over 16 wild birds in my life. I have 5 pet birds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What I am Interested In And What Areas I Specialize In: Faerie Witchcraft Dragon Witchcraft Spirits Psychic Powers and Abilities Dreams Crystals Herbs Nature Birds Animals And Their Meanings (When They Come To You Physically Or In Dreams) Elements Candles Essential Oils and Incense Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals And some Native American and Celtic Things ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Most Favourite Crystals: Opalite. Amethyst. Moonstone. Agate. Lapis Lazuli. Fluorite. Although I consider myself more than a Beginner, I consider myself as a more "Natural Born Witch" and I still believe there's alot more to learn. My other account is PatchouliFae.