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Share your thoughts
Post # 1
Hi everyone! So regardless of your spiritual path, what would you say personally is your most treasured object and experience about your path? And of course why? For me, I'd say for my most treasured object would be my book of shadows, now granted I have more than one. But I enjoy that I can write the book however I want, and that I feel like it's a reflection of how much I've grown on my path. For an experience I'd say it would have to be my spiritual awakenings, for a reason I can't seem to put into words it's just so eye opening to experience one, it's like an evolution or something. And every time I have one it feels like I'm getting closer with my chosen aspects of the horned God and the moon goddess. Now there are lot more things I could put but I feel like two is a good amount. So, please leave comments below and I look forward to reading your answers. Who knows, we all might realize something.

Blessed be!
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Re: Share your thoughts
Post # 2
As an object i would probably choose my ritual blade.alot of people say to only use them for magic and thats it but i think if you can use it more on tue outside world it becomes closer to you .i have a couple old pics of it on my profile.im not counting vessels as objects
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Re: Share your thoughts
Post # 3
The most important thing for me is my mind. Without it I couldn't do anything.
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Re: Share your thoughts
By: / Novice
Post # 4

For me it is my necklace. I believe it to be a gift from Ares. I wear it with me whenever I leave the house and while I sleep. It's very precious to me.

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Re: Share your thoughts
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Personally it's my pentacle necklace. I received it as a gift a good few years ago and have never taken it off since,I see it as a statement of dovotion to my practice even though I had been an active practitioner for many years prior to receiving it.

I found my most pivotal moment was meeting my partner, another practitioner. It was confirmation for me that what I experienced as an active practitioner wasn't all in my head, as they also had the same experiences and since then we have been able to share them and grow together.

Without this experience I probably would have struggled to stay so devoted to my path, especially as confidence in myself wandered.

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Re: Share your thoughts
By: / Novice
Post # 6
most treasured... could be my dragon pentacle, that was a gift from my grandparents for my 13 birthday before i even heard of Wicca. while i like a lot of things, i feel it's pretty much just stuff. like i love my incense burner and the statues of my deities, if they went missing, i'd be upset, but i would find new ones.

treasured experience? would have to be when i first met my Goddess. [or any time my Goddess reached out to me] i can sense her most of the time when i speak to her, but either i'm not in the right mental place to hear/sense her, or she's just listening. normally she doesn't reach out unless i really need it, but those times have been so intense they've really stuck with me.

another one is probably my experiences with spirits and other astral beings. good or bad they left an impact on me, so whenever i'm doubting myself i think back to those times. like one time my coven and i were speaking with Rori [a spirit i lived with for years] and i asked if he was a shadowman. well the pendulum stopped dead and i heard this loud 'what?!' from him which caused me to laugh, but at the same time the person working the pendulum and the other member who could speak with spirits also started laughing, but the 3 who never really connected with spirits were freaking out like 'what just happened'. turns out the three of us all got this strong sense of confusion [and Jasper heard Rori's confusion] so it's moments like that where i go 'i'm not crazy, other people dealt with the same thing'.
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Re: Share your thoughts
Post # 7

My most treasured would be my wand. I put a lot of hard work into it, and I'm always happy to use it. I've even made it to where I can change my crystals at the top of my wand to fit the need of the spell or ritual!

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Re: Share your thoughts
Post # 8
My most treasured item is my ruby ring. Ruby is my birthstone but it is more than that because I feel a spiritual connection to the ruby itself; the one inlaid on my ring. I have used it regularly in my practice over the last 8 years that I've owned it. It helps to create a center of focus that aids in spellwork, healing, meditations, rituals, visualizations and so on. Moreorless quite the handy and versatile tool the ring is

When I realized that I know absolutely nothing in comparison to the grand scheme. Once I realized this I negated my ego for it can't inflate on nothing. It assured me a level head and an open one at that. To fix a lack of something one must fulfill which is lacking, and while that analogy is rather universal across the table it applies to what I'm saying nicely. It is an experience I will be constantly reminded of for the entirety of my life and because of that I will constantly gain knowledge. I seek to learn, to understand, and to cause an effect, and once I know that I know nothing, my learning can begin.

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Re: Share your thoughts
Post # 9
I would say that I have two cherished items. One day I was on a walk by a local river and spied a branch in the water that had been perfectly stripped of its bark. The wood was smooth as if polished. I joke about it telling me it was a wand when I picked it up, so I didn't have any choice but to follow orders.

The other is a Viking rider sword by Hanwei/Paul Chen. I had chased after the blade and saved money for two years before I could get it. And since then it has been anointed, blessed, and awakened as my (somewhat large, I guess) Athame. For me it represents fruition of effort, strength of will, and the valued result of discipline and patience.

As for treasured experiences, That is tough to say because I have had several turning points hit me in my life. I suppose the most important one would be the first one that kicked me on to a spiritual path to begin with. One evening I was with family and visiting my great-aunt at her home. We were spending the night and I was staying in her spare roon which doubled as a library.
In boredom I grabbed a book by random chance (no such thing, I know) and ended up devouring half of it that night. I ended up getting that book for Christmas and it was the proverbial pebble that started the landslide.
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Re: Share your thoughts
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Item wise, I'd say it used to be a book/journal that was passed down to me from a family member. Now however, I believe it to be my oracle cards. The deck called to me when I was in the store. I found them buried under a huge pile of old, used decks. Something about this deck though, called to me. I've used them ever since and couldn't imagine not having them when it comes to my practice. I often turn to them for spiritual guidance. I even prefer them to my tarot deck I've had for yearsss. Experience wise, I'm not sure. Maybe the night I felt the spirits dancing around me as I struggled with my depression. It was so rejuvenating. Or maybe the night I did a ritual to release connection with someone, and felt the weight be lifted in a way I had never felt before. Or maybe the first time I wrote a spell.
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