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Name: Crayfish
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Hello it is good to meet your acquaintance. Please refrain from discussing memes or pop culture, I consider it to be an unnecessary distraction. I have come to this website because I hope to learn and meet others who are passionate about magic. I wish to contribute to the knowledge on this site (though I am somewhat skeptical of this possibility after sifting through numerous pages of vampire related spells). I observed that some of the members of this site leave quotes on their profiles, so here are a few. "The sky is no longer the limit, the limit is the ceiling which those who came before us fabricated. To bypass this limit one must consciously step outside." "If I where to create society anew I would abolish the concept of self. I see the kids these days with their flashy machines and "social" media, then I realize a resemblance to the Greek myth of Narcisus because they use social media not as a source of social activity but as a source of self validation, but who am I to say anything when I am only 15." A few things about me and my preferences:I dislike people who posses multiple faces. I respect all forms of life. I am not unfriendly I just don't intentionally try to make friends. I pursue knowledge of many things. I like acting younger than I am because it brings back a sense of purity. A few of my interests. The Greek pantheon Energy work Auras Counter hexes/curses Meditation Communicating with spirits I am thinking of joining an occult group, but I feel like I need to study magik a bit on my own beforehand incase things go south. What would you recommend I learn? Never mind it was just an insurance scam or something of the sort, my bad :) still would like to learn the aforementioned topics above. Here is a joke, enjoy! Eye color change spell that really works! Step one:chant cromo oculamos ignus three times. Step two: Pour hot sauce in your eyes and they will change color. The burning means it's working! -this is intended to be a joke not an actual spell.