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Post # 1
Hello, guys a question,
There are 16000 spells on this amazing site,do all the spells actually work?
I mean I have tried almost 50 spells and only 1 spell has actually shown results?
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Re: Magick
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Site Spells Discussion from Welcome.
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Re: Magick
Post # 3

Some of the spells on this site are bound to work, however there are many spells, and an entire section called the fantasy spells, that won't ever work. It's relatively easy to join the Spell Casters coven so that you can add spells and rituals, even if you have no actual knowledge or understanding of magic and/or spellcasting. Some spells also won't work for you because they weren't made for you so you would need to tailor them to you and your own situation.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to use discretion.

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Re: Magick
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Take it all with a grain of salt and use common sense when looking over the spells here. If it says it will allow you to grow wings, throw fireballs, etc then it is fake and will not work. Essentially, avoid anything that sounds too good to be true or like something out of fantasy.

I would advise you to read over the stickied threads in the General Info section of the public forum and the Featured Articles section. Learn what magic actually is and what it can and cannot do.
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Re: Magick
Post # 5
In the end, as has already been said there are many spells that may work for you, and also there is a bunch of stuff that won't work for anyone. But to find a spell that is 'guaranteed' to work is pretty hard because it is dependent on a lot of factors. First and foremost, is the connection between the spell and the caster.

The original (IE; actually good) Conan movie actually has a quote that is very worthwhile in this regards. it is surrounding the 'riddle of steel', and is one of the sub-plots behind Conan's journey and learning. And, ultimately, the answer is given to him by his nemesis of the movie.

The riddle is this;
-What is it that gives a sword its power?
And the answer to it is revealed to be deceptively simple;
-It is the flesh that wields it.

The length of the weapon does not matter. Nor does its shape or balance or design. At least, not nearly as much as how you use it. There are many different designs, to many different purposes, and to counter even more kinds of defenses. The trick lies in finding the form that fits your personal function, and using one as an extension of the other.

Some people are slender and light, but fast and agile. So they may do poorly with a claymore, but may also excel with a rapier. And if the same person tries to use a rapier in the same way as a claymore because in their mind that is what they want to use, they would still find the weapon to be inferior. But if the person takes a rapier, and learns to use it as a rapier, then the weapon and its wielder would excel. Meanwhile that claymore is not a lesser weapon for it. Place it in the hands of one suited to its weight, and versatile in its character, and that person can also find success.

And so it is for magic. In taking the time to understand yourself, you can find the tools and styles that match that understanding. The things you do to work magic are all about connection. Connecting yourself to your intent, and connecting your actions to the desired goal. And that is why it is so often suggested to build magic for yourself.

What I would suggest, is to not worry too much about rushing in to start casting spells. A better place to start would be in learning about the symbolism and processes of magic first. it takes a lot of reading, and a fair bit of time, but it pays dividends in the long run. Like any building you can't get far if you don't have a solid foundation. By understanding how magic works, not only does it make it easier to build your own, but it also gives you the opportunity to look at the spells of others and deconstruct them into their processes.

For the first while I looked through the spells of others not necessarily to try casting, but to try and figure out the common ground in the processes, what symbols they used, and why/how they related to the desired goal. By doing this over and over I started to figure out the basic templates that were often used. And so it gave me new insights and tools to use in starting to build my own magic. In the end I have been able to now take those ideas and processes, and then tailored them to my own set of symbols and associations and understanding, creating a process of actions that lets me feel connected to not only what I am doing, but how it relates to my goals.

The idea is to build a rapport with your own process. So that it isn't just drawing a circle on the ground, but signifying the beginning of your period of intent and focus. It is the laying of a barrier of protection. Or the symbolic reflection of the cycles of day and night. You are not sticking a knife into the ground, you are thrusting your will and intent into the magical space you have created. You are not lighting a candle, but casting light onto a situation to reveal its hidden details. You aren't wobbling your hands in the air, but using the sharp movement of a thrust of your hands to shake off energy like water drops from your skin. And so on.
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Re: Magick
Post # 6
hi everyone my name is Michael I'm new here and I'm here to know about magic I'm normal humanity please tell me what can I do to have magic
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Re: Magick
By: / Novice
Post # 7
@DaveAce ha! i wish! no, this site allows you to post any 'spell' you want [provided it doesn't include swearing or bodily harm] regardless of if it works. it's up to you to know the difference as there are many working spells too. [avoid the trick and fantasy section for example, the majority there are fake spells] if you want a giant book of spells, look for Judika Illes Encyclopedia of 5,000 spells. it comes with some background information, basic guides, and [as advertised] 5,000 spells. some of these spells could be charms, chants, or some little thing to do mindfully, but they are working spells [i have not cast all 5,000 spells, but she is a reputable author/witch and i have used spells from her other books with great effect]

@michael117 for starters we are all normal humans. magick isn't like the movies, it does not give us god like superpowers. pagans who cast spells do so because of their spirituality [you wouldn't think a christian who prays to god would have super powers, it is their faith. spells are a cornerstone of many peoples spirituality] not to burst your bubble, but anything you saw in a movie, won't happen. [no lightning, not flying on broomsticks, no transformation, no stiring tea with your mind... as cool as they might sound] spells are more ritualized prayers where you charge neutral energy [aka magickal energy which is found naturally all around us] focus on a desired outcome, then release the energy on a path to bring a desired change. after you cast the spell you must then work towards achieving your goal as magick does not work instantly, it simply brings opportunities to help you.

if you wish to learn how to cast spells i suggest going to the general information section of the main forums and reading the pinned articles for more information.
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