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Post # 1
Move this thread if it's in the wrong spot but I was messaging someone and they said they could feel weakness in my aura. Asked a few uestions.. said that something is binding me, keeping me week. I focus my energy on my body and I see a glowing white eye and a pupil that gets large before fading out, while feeling pressure on my wrists. The person I was talking to said they were starting to feel weak.. that whatever it is wants to drain and weaken anyone. I just started paganism and Wiccan things.. how can this be? Someone... answers please? :/
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Re: Chained
Post # 2
I haven't ever heard of something chaining your aura. Hmm Strange.

I do not know why this would happen or what would've caused it. But I might be able to aid you in breaking its hold.
Try focusing on the eye again and imagine stabbing it with the sharpest sword you can imagine.
Keep doing this for as long as you can, or until it releases its hold on you.
I've had things in the astral plane try to hold me down but I always stab them that way till they release me.
Hope this helps and May the Sun be with you.
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Re: Chained
Post # 3
Same here. Except that this user wants to be drained.
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Re: Chained
Post # 4
user was banned. or account was deleted.
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Re: Chained
Post # 5
There was a member who messaged me out of the blue several months back, perhaps even a year, who had tried something similar with me.
Obviously, they are not going to be able to feel your Aura over the internet, so I would not get all worked up over what they said.
Just ignore whoever is doing this lol.
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Re: Chained
Post # 6
A few notes and thoughts;

-There is indeed a good chance that the person telling this to you might be fishing for a scam of some sort. So be cautious and aware. The common tactic is to convince someone that they are weakened, or under a curse, or otherwise being afflicted by something. then they try to convince you that they are the best people to fix it, however it will cost money. The most frequent excuse is 'for supplies'. If someone asks for money for their services, -especially- if it is through unsolicited interaction (IE; you didn't ask for a reading or help), you immediately know it is a scam attempt and should summarily ignore that person.

-It is true that reading auras/energy can be difficult for some over distances. But internet or no, if a person gives you permission and opens themselves to a reading it is indeed very do-able. It usually takes a while to get an impression and takes some conversation as you do want to get to know the person to help connect with them, but it is in no way impossible. Distance healing is a very common practice. Think of it this way. Energy is non-physical, and travels across the known physical universe, alternate planes, and according to some people's beliefs, dimensions. Even visible light travels from the sun to earth in eight minutes. So on that kind of scale of operation, people on the opposite side of the world might as well be sitting beside you. The distance is comparatively negligible.

In the end it amounts to the perspective of the energy worker and recipient. Some have trouble wrapping their head around the idea of distance, others easily set it aside. Just like anything else it depends on the individual, and their practice and experience.

-Getting back on topic, regarding these feelings of pressure on your wrists and weakness. Have you had them before your encounter with the person who told you about this binding, or did you only have these experiences after this person mentioned the idea of being bound? This alone will help tell you if this may be genuine or not.

-- if this sense of binding does feel genuine to you, then it may be worthwhile spending some time exploring it before you start trying to break it. It helps to understand where the binding came from. It may be something self-imposed, which could reveal something about yourself you can learn from. Also, if it is something created internally, that means that attacking the binding may be less effective. And if it is sourced from outside yourself, understanding it and where it comes from, even to some small degree, will help you in figuring out how to break it apart or otherwise raise yourself up to a point where it loses its relevance and fades away.
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