Do stones/crystals actual

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Do stones/crystals actual

Do stones/crystals actual
Post # 1

Does crystals and stones actually work or is it just nice story from sellers that you would buy it?

I found source ( that says:

Onyx, Black
Used to cause nightmares, mental torment, and break relationships. If you are married or living with someone, and find stray bits of this around, someone is trying to break you up or get one of you away at least. You can also wear this to defend yourself from the hyraceum mentioned above.

Is it actually so? And does the size matter? Also does it have more effect when it's skull shape? Like if I want to cause nightmares and mental torment for example, would just having that stone on my shelf actually do anything? And if it does, what other stones besides those on linked page do you know to be aggressive/offensive? Also is there any stone that is magnet to spirits/demons?
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Re: Do stones/crystals actual
Post # 2

It works, Before buying stone like Blue Sapphire, Be aware, It has power to Make you Rich or Rag, Don't worry this stone has power for almost 5 years.

Not every stone or gems are real, neither most stones makes miracles.

There are vast amount of artificial stones available in the market, Before buying, know about them or Consult a specialist.

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Re: Do stones/crystals actual
By: / Novice
Post # 3

As someone who has worked closely with crystal for more years that I can count, I would personally believe that they do work, however, what this website is saying about some crystals is utter waffle.

Yes, crystals can be used both positively and negatively depending on the desired outcome, as their energies can assist in "boosting" a spell. However, some of this websites examples seem off to me, amethyst causing self-induced traumas and diamond causing blindness.

Crystal energy is subtle and can subtly assist in spells and magickal workings, holding an amethyst won't cause trauma and using diamond in a spell won't cause someone to go blind.

With websites like this, I would recommend cross referencing, if something sounds "off" check another website on their crystal properties. Although ever website will be slightly different there are many uses of crystals that will be found on all websites and references. It's best not to blindly follow a single source on the subject.

As for the size of a crystal, it is less about size and more about energy, each crystal has a different energy about it, some are stronger than others. You often find people standing in a crystal store holding two crystals and feeling their energies, they are checking which one resonates better with them, and which one is stronger. Crystal skulls can be strong, but you may find a chipping of the same crystal to be equally strong, it really does depend on the crystal.

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Re: Do stones/crystals actual
Post # 4
Tnx, is there any trustworthy source of crystals if the source I linked is not correct?

Also books in my local store only talk positive about crystals. Where could I find trustworthy info about negative usage of crystals such as revenge for example?
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Re: Do stones/crystals actual
Post # 5
My favorite source for information on crystals and gems is a book called (aptly enough) 'The crystal Bible'. Written by Judy Hall.

It is an encyclopedia-style reference book for the most common crystals that people can get and use. it also has a couple different versions. there is a smaller, more compressed 'handbook' version, and a larger reference tome (I think it is something like 500 pages).

That said, that definition for onyx you found does indeed seem rather off. If you want to figure out what a gem crystal or stone is used for, usually it is symbolic of the nature of the item. Black or dark stones tend to be grounders/absorbers of energy (black absorbs light), Metals tend to be conductors, violet stones tend towards healing, green stones tend towards promoting personal growth, and so on. Of course these examples are very simplified but it gets the idea across.

That said, as with any object it can be used symbolically as a part of a magical working, but it would have to be actively put towards that use with intent. As an example I can see how a sharp edge or blade made from chipped Onyx used to cut a tether or string would be a potent symbol for severing karmic ties. But it wouldn't ever do the same thing just by wearing a chunk of the stone. It would work in the magic because it has been made into a symbol and being actively used with intent as opposed to any relation to the natural tendencies of the stone itself.

Some stones do lend themselves well to magic though. My favorite example is Quartz as it is a very programmable stone. So you can incorporate clear quartz crystals into your magic as a sort of repository for the energies you are calling and intent of the spell and it will hold on to that. For example laying a barrier or threshold within your home into a crystal is handy because then you can place it into the entryway you want protected. Especially if it can be put into sunlight like at a window.
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Re: Do stones/crystals actual
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6

Static please keep in mind that using text speak is a violation of the site rules. You need to spell out your words.

To add a bit to this, since Spirit and Rikki both did a lovely job explaining everything else, as I posted in another thread-it is a common belief that crystals and gems vibrate with their own, natural energies. They are believed to be able to store it, channel it, and balance it. They can do this with both positive and negative energy, so if you are trying to do a revenge spell (since that is the one you mentioned) you could charge the crystal with that intent and use it to direct that energy out for that purpose.

Alternatively you could add it to hex jars to add a little extra energy to the spell you're working.
While most of the information on crystals I've found are general magical associations and positive associations, they can still be used in spells with a negative intent. It's all in how you use the crystal, charge it, etc.
Personally I use clear quartz for this because it is a wonderful all purpose stone.
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Re: Do stones/crystals actual
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

It depends on what crystal and/or stone you get and what you are trying to achieve with them, like most magick tools, everything is unique depending on the colors, shape, size, and thing. Crystals and stones are also known to help charge things and be charged themselves by using sunlight or moonlight, people like doing this on the full moon, though it is more effective you do not need to, it is recommended to charge them before performing.

You can never guarantee that the seller is selling a real crystal and might send you a fake one, I would recommend someone that has a good rating on their sales.

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Re: Do stones/crystals actual
Post # 8
Right now, I have a table filled with my Son's crystal collection. Most of them I bought and I know that they are genuine. I am in the middle of categorizing them for sale. I have a vortex of power in the middle of my house, and I'm loving it.
Onyx is used for protection and so is Black Tourmaline. I don't know of any crystals used to attract demons.
The Crystal Bible is an excellent book for crystal healing. I have it and use it all the time, crystalline entities really help boost your Spells and can be used in crystal grids for healing.
Size does matter, but if you put a smaller crystal beside a large one, the small crystal will borrow power from the larger one. I use smaller tumbled stones to put in pouches for healing, you can tailor the stones to serve your purpose, and yes, they do work. You must make sure that they are cleansed, usually under the Full Moon, and programed to do your will.
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Re: Do stones/crystals actual
By: / Beginner
Post # 9
I don't know any negative properties on crystals. Though you could program a clear/white quartz to have negative effects or boost your spells that are negative.
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Re: Do stones/crystals actual
Post # 10
Thank you for information!

Misanthropy you mentioned directing energy out of crystal to some target. How should this correctly be done?
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