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Name: bloodlust27
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1.) Do not be rude because I can be rude too. 2.) Do not ask me to teach you or cast a spell for you. 3.) Do not ask me to trun you into a werewolf or any supernatural beings. You are human; face it. 4.) Do not flirt with me. Hello, thank you for reading this far. I'm Victoria and i have been studing magic for 2 years or more. Don't be afraid to ask me or anyone else for help that's what this website is for. I'm here to learn and share. I don't have a religion I just go what feels right in my practice. I am a lay back type of person: don't really care how you look or if you got money. Everyone needs love. My studies -herbs ( magical and medical properties) -candle magic -crystal magic -knot magic -hoodoo -Wicca/Paganism/Satanism -meditation ( suck at it)