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Gods are Demons?

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Gods are Demons?
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Gods are Demons?
Post # 1
Okay, in my opinion, what I am posting about is a very controversial topic, and for me a confusing topic. Some people consider certain powerful demons to be gods. Others think that God/Gods are based on demons, and the demons are misleading us. Like one example is that in the book of Revelation 9:20 is that we are told that men worship “devils". Anytime that "devils" is used, followed by that is "Man worship demons". Many times in the bible, God is portrayed as being very violent towards his "beloved creations" taking away their powers, telling is followers to slaughter each other. I just really thought this was a topic that I felt like touching upon.
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Re: Gods are Demons?
Post # 2
It depends on how you look at it.

Lilith is a demon goddess, she is portrayed as queen of Hell, Lucifers wife. Some believe she was the first woman to be created by God not Eve.

Sadly, I don't know much about Lilith, I know a lot about egyptian gods and goddesses though.

Ammit is a demon with a crocodile head, he also devoures the heavy hearts of man or their souls.

Anubis god of Embaling and the Underworld weighed hearts, if your heart was heavier then a feather, it was fed to Ammit, if it was equal or lighter you entered the afterlife.

Everyone has their own views on gods or goddesses, then you have our God. Some will say all gods or goddesses are evil, while some will say they're not.

I don't find them as evil, I wouldn't call then demons either

I don't know much about Revelations, I usually don't read my bible (I don't really have one, mine is an old teen bible)
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Re: Gods are Demons?
Post # 3
This is a very "christian" look at the subject, as christianity dubs magic as evil and worshipping """""""false"""""""" gods evil. Christianity on a magic site is obviously very controversial. Some demons are very powerful and probably could rival gods, but it is belief. Many, if not all, will say that gods and demons are very different creatures. To a christian, it would be obvious to view any entity besides a single god as a demon. (or if you're extreme like the puritans, even dancing is satanic). in short, its belief, and belief is a very touchy subject.
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Re: Gods are Demons?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
well from a christian approach you are correct, they see anything that isn't 'God' [or an Angel] to be a demon. 'you do not worship Aphrodite, you worship a demon.' 'you do not worship Pan, you worship a demon.' it's the result of their first commandment 'thou shalt have no Gods before me' so anyone who worships another God is seen the the christian as a false god because their God is the true God, the All Mighty God, everything else is an illusion of The Devil. this isn't the best viewpoint to come from however, as any acceptance of other deities is seen as admitting your God isn't the only one and therefore might not be the best one.

historically this problem was solved by assimilating deities to make them more christian and therefore make conversion easier. 'oh, you worship Brigid? we have a Saint Brigid who is very similar.' 'oh, you enjoy Yule? well Christmas is very similar, why not convert, lest we get stabby.' granted, not all deities got the 'saint' treatment, horned deities and fertility deities became demons. it's also confusing for a christian who worships an all knowing, good and never wrong God to hear tales of deities who are rough around the edges [completely forgetting the old testament god mind you] who isn't perfect, who can be kind, but sometimes feel the need to give their follower a good slap when it's for the best. [they've got The devil for that!]

at the end of the day, this is the crossroads we are trapped at. the majority Christianity/Catholicism doesn't want to admit other faiths have other Gods. their God is the only God, and anything else is an illusion of the devil. an old christian friend of mind once told me while she thought i was a nice person who meant well, but not worshipping God i was being fooled by the devil. over time i've seen several people say similar things to Wiccans [yesterday i saw a video where the letter was from a Wiccan who did volunteer work, only healed, and overall lived a peaceful life. the preacher responded that God would meet them at the pearly gates and say 'you are the nicest person i've had to turn away because you did not worship me.'] so it's seen as almost an attack on their faith if they admit other deities exist. if their god is all mighty, then he is the only one. easier to paint the rest as demons.
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Re: Gods are Demons?
Post # 5
The answer depends, on how each individual views an entity as a Deity. "Deity" is just a word, not a fact. A human one. For example, take the original God, and another not-so-powerful entity. The only difference is based on energy, this "God" is more powerful than the other entity. Humans call this entity as "God" because they devote themselves to this entity, pray and whatever the religion claims.

So essentially, by judging human's views...a Deity is an entity in which people devote/worship themselves to and so on. For me, at least. I personally believe Demons can be Gods. These entities can be Demons and be worshipped...

Not only a Demon can be violent, but any kind of entity. In case you have the idea of "Demons are bad" & "Angels are good"; forget it. This is very general... It's not always truth. It depends on personalities... God could be violent, but it doesn't mean he's a Demon, neither an Angel. It's highly possible...

And you don't know if that story is accurate; maybe God commanded not to be accurate; maybe things are hidden from humanity and the books, any kind of books...
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Re: Gods are Demons?
Post # 6
You first must recall
Pre roman changing of the abrahamic faith

Demons are angles that where cast out
God made man
God told the angles to love man more then god
Some angles say they can not love man more then god
For this
They where cast out
Never to the grace of god again
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Re: Gods are Demons?
Post # 7
All so
You must understand
Lucifer was the morning star
The first of the angels
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Re: Gods are Demons?
Post # 8
I feel like some gods are seen in a negative way, such as zeus is seen as a sex fiend. I have talked to zeus in my travels, and we had a platonic conversation. He was a white bull and I was sitting on the bull's back naked conversing with it casually.
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Re: Gods are Demons?
Post # 9
It depends on your own views.
Some demons are portrayed as deities. Ex- Lilith and Lucifer
Some deities are portrayed as demons. Ex- Loki

I think they are their own being though.
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