Prophetic Dreams

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Prophetic Dreams
Post # 1
Sometimes, I have been randomly had prophetic dreams throughout my life, and they have always come true, does anyone else experience something like this
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Re: Prophetic Dreams
Post # 2

Lots of people do actually, I've found that it's really common actually.

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Re: Prophetic Dreams
Post # 3

I to have had them since I was young. The first one was attributed to my grandmothers passing. I had the dream she passed. Ran into my mothers room told her and fell back to sleep. She got the call a few hours later she had passed.

Sine then I have had tons of dreams that have came true ranging from meeting new people,people passing away, go on vacation, friends/family getting pregnant, break ups,marriages,divorces ext .

With my experience into this I have also found that some of my prophetic dreams don't always happen the way they do in my dreams. For example I have a dream that someone will break into my friends house. While at my friends house I get that de-javu feeling and wait for someone to come barging in threw the door but nothing happens. This is attributed to that we all have free will and time/us are constantly changing. So are also these events.

Prophetic dreams are just one type of dreams out of a category of dreams that we all have. The category changes from what people believe time to time. Some will even say that there is no category or different types of dreams at all and that they are just dreams. Some may there are different types of dreams but prophetic dreams don't exsist . I provided a list of some of these categories below :

  • Day Dreams
  • False Awakening Dreams
  • Lucid/Astral Dreams
  • Nightmares
  • Healing Dreams
  • Prophetic Dreams
  • Signal Dreams
  • Epic Dreams
  • Progressive Dream
  • Mutual Dreams

You should also be careful of who you discuss these prophetic dreams with. I joined this website to hopefully get answers and help with this. Thinking everyone was open minded and caring. I went into the chat and brought my issue up. I Instantly got ridiculed and told I had special snowflake syndrome as well as I should seek professional help, and that it is all in my head. The insults kept on coming as well. I even mentioned that everyone has prophetic dreams and I don't think I am no special then the person standing next to me. For we all have these kinds of dreams.

I am invested heavily into this topic. I am trying to see if I can make my prophetic dreams happen more often as well as be able to try an distinguish prophetic dreams from others. As well as other answers I have. I have even recently started to burn mugwort as an incense before bed. I did have some amazing dreams so I guess we will see in the future if that worked.

I would suggest a dream journal. Normally when I awake I get a hunch, or my conscious tells me : write down this dream it means something: . But if you don't have the intuition hunch yet right down any dream in the present you think means something to you.

I hope this information will help you. Again I may get made fun of for explaining this because everyone here has there own opinions and or beliefs.

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Re: Prophetic Dreams
Post # 4
I've experienced the like of them since I was a child. There's several times a day I experience heavy deja vu. 1
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Re: Prophetic Dreams
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I recall having deja-vu's. I dream but forget it, on the next day, in a random situation, I recall having seen, heard, smelled or thought of the same thing before, in a dream. I know that, in runes, there are some powerful ones, called Galdrastafir. One of them is The Prophetic Dream, used to induce sleep and answer your question in dream. I never used it, but did recommend to a person, although she never used it, I still pretend on testing it and still, of course, believe in it's power.
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Re: Prophetic Dreams
Post # 6
I have been having dreams about flying on a playground at my old school? Anyone know what that means?
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Re: Prophetic Dreams
Post # 7
I have them all the time. The hard part is, you don't know whether a dream is just a dream, or a prophetic dream, until it comes true.
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Re: Prophetic Dreams
Post # 8
I honestly have them at least 3 times a week. They are actually the reason I came to this sight. I have seen entities since I was 9, but within the last couple of years I have stayed to have prophetic dreams with people I have never seen before in places I have never seen.

I am not worried, but would like help getting this under better control.
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