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Name: Nodnarb1122
Birthday: Nov 22 1988
Location: Ontario Canada
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No one can give you magical powers,

you have to earn them

there is only one way to do this,

Research ;; Study & Practice,Practice,Practice !

[ ; ::about me:: ; ]

Don't come here often, just for advice or affirmation on certain works I do. I don't cast often, I'm more drawn to divination,working with herbs,mediation. I'm more draw to reading others and it somtimes happens naturally. Becaues of this I need to ground a lot or I get overwhelmed and exhausted quickly. When I do cast, it's not the regular casting many people do. But it seems to work for me.

I keep to myself, but I'm always looking to make new friends and conversate with others. So if you want you can message me.