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Name: Facting
Birthday: May 23
Location: The lands of Zabatan
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Good morning, afternoon or evening, one reading. I go by the name of Achlys or simply AG-N. I am currently 15 years old, but please, I ask of you not to underestimate me for such age. My plans in life are of traveling away from my birth country to learn and practice photography and cryptozoology, having a full life filled with experiences, laughs, memories and many voyages around the Earth. I may do so by getting a degree and jobin theengineering area, gathering enough money to finally "flee from my country cage".

I have some other hobbies as well, besides photography, such as writing (specially fantasy and horror), peeling sunflower seeds, taking care of a cat which I shouldn't have (his name is Cinder Amber), and I also work as a monitor on a languages school.If you are interested in some of my current photographs, you can watch me on my DeviantArt: TheTheoryTheorycal (not all my photos are there, specially not the ones I find the best, but I for long don't renew it and don't have anyplans in the near future of doing so). About the things I write, I don't usually share them.

I know my orientation or personal relationships don't matter here, specially on such a site where topics about true identity of Magic reside, but just to clarify things: I am a pansexual. I am aware it's description is much like bisexuality but it isn't quite the same. I myself am attracted by certain aspects of a person's behaviour and body, quite " queer " aspects if I must say so, and no, I shall not get into details (gladly).

I do not have any religion, but I do have my own beliefs of ethic and moral. I have came back to this site after a long time as a much more sceptical and critical mind than before, but my true beliefs reside deep in within me and here is one of the few places where I can express, embrace and remember myself that they exist and that they linger inside. I also do believe that all and any deities could exist, but I may also chose not to follow any of them. I do, though, have an interest in native cultures, such as Mayans, Aztecs and Incas; nativegroups such as some present in the Brazilian and North American culture and I also do havesome interest in Celtic culture.

At the moment, I am most centered on ( not in any specific order ):

  • School school school
  • Elements and elementals
  • Other languages, patterns and symbols
  • Fabrication and enchanting of amulets and charms
  • Tribes and other cultures lores and beliefs
  • Astral projection and out of body experiences
  • Spirits, entietes and deities
  • Soulwork, self work
  • Divination
  • Various Forms of Scrying

The site listed as my website is NOT mine. " Lonerwolf.com " has assisted me a lot through certain periods of my life and that is one of the reasons I decided to share it. The links available are: a link to their main page, which will further explain about the creators, the site and also lead you to other useful pages and a video also introducing a small part of who they are and what they offer. Please, do check it out if you are interested, I am most sure you will not regret it.

If you message me just to engage in meaningless conversations which usually have just a " Hi ", " Hello ", " How are you? ", ect., know that I probably will not answer and may be rude . If you do, however, have other intentions that do not concern casual conversation, I will gladly abide to your message.

Thank you for reading this through, best regards from a not so frequent member, and remember to ALWAYS praise life .