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Name: Facting
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Good morning, afternoon or evening to whomever reads! My name is Amel, and I am currently 17. SoM has seen me grow throughout many phases ever since I discovered it, every one of them an essential part of who I am. I gladly return to this site after many hiatuses and hopefully this time I'll stay.

Life of hectic at the moment, most of my previous hobbies and interests have now either shifted or been halted due to complications throughout time. The one that stays most true to me is writing, although I should put a greater deal of dedication to it. Self-discovery is a must in my life, and I constantly look for bettering my understanding of who I am and what I am inside. That said, I have discovered myself as non-binary, preferring the pronouns they/them, but not completely turning my nose to he's and she's depending on the situation. For safety, just call me by my name or neutral pronouns and you may ascertain my comfort.

I do not follow any religious specifics, but I do have my own beliefs of ethic and moral and spirituality. With time I've become increasingly untrue to who I am and sceptical of any of my previous belief. It fills me with glee to say that has been changing. Being a polytheist, my range of deities and entities I believe in is quite wide, but I do hold close to myself an interest in native cultures, such as Mayans, Aztecs and Incas; also native tribes such as some present in the Brazilian and North American culture. I do havesome interest in Celtic culture as well.

At the moment, I am most centered on ( not in any specific order ):

  • Elements and elementals;
  • The use of different languages in incantation;
  • Fabrication and enchanting of amulets and charms;
  • Native South American and North American tribes and beliefs;
  • Spirit, entity and deity work;
  • Soulwork, selfwork;
  • Divination and various forms of scrying.

Please, do not message me with the intention of small talk. Having a topic, a genuine question or matter for discussion is highly appreciated, messages consisting only of brief greetings may be left unanswered.

Thank you for reading this through, best regards from a not so frequent member, and remember to ALWAYS praise life .