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Breathing excersise...

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Breathing excersise...
Post # 1
Is someone able from here to tell me a breathing excersise that will induce trance quickly and effectively?
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Re: Breathing excersise...
Post # 2
Try breathing in for a count of 4, holding for four, and breathing out for 4, breathing in relaxation and breathing out all stress and tension. It gives your mind something to do rather than just listening to yourself breathing, and works quite well if you're kind of a keyed-up type who finds it hard to relax and get into meditation :)
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Re: Breathing excersise...
Post # 3
I do that or I stop after sometime because I'll be tired, or I fall alseep.
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Re: Breathing excersise...
Post # 4
The positive dynamic effects of deep breathing are well known. This is because with the indrawing breath, the deep inhalation, the mind is set positively and affirmatively; it is then taking advantage of the natural fact that the person's life-force is being drawn upon. If, however, we consider what happens when breath is exhaled, we see the process is reversed. During the interval between the exhalation and the next inhalation it is the universal life-force which then flows into the man because he is then passive, whereas when inhaling he was active. Now this universal life-force, when it expresses itself in man, acts as a link with the universal spirit and demands physical existence. In other words, when the breath is let out and briefly held before it is indrawn again, there is a bridge to the higher consciousness of man. The bridge is there, but he must take advantage of it and usually he does not. If, during those few moments of pause, he turned his mind into meditation upon his true being, he would find it easier then than at other times; or if he did the same thing after having had an unexpected glimpse, he could retain the uplift of the glimpse for a longer period.The practice of breathing, when done as an exercise--whether sitting or walking--can be harmonized with a cosmic breath; that is, breathe out slowly, prolonging the outgoing breaths, so that the intake will come of itself naturally. While breathing out, mentally direct the air downwards towards the diaphragm. While breathing in, mentally connect with the cosmic life-force. Remember that the purpose of this lengthened outbreath is not only to empty the lungs of the stale air, but also to empty the mind of negative thoughts.It will help to empty the mind of its tumult and the nerves of their agitation if he will breathe out as fully as possible, inhaling only when the first feeling of discomfort starts. He should then rest and breathe normally for several seconds. Next, he should breathe in as deeply as possible. The air is to be kept in the lungs until it is uncomfortable to do so. This alternation completes one cycle of breathing. It may be repeated a number of times, if necessary, but never for a longer period than ten minutes.The other breathing exercise which is dangerous--not physically so much as mentally--is that which prescribes breathing through alternate nostrils so that one nostril is closed by a finger and only the other is used until the changeover is made to the other nostril. This exercise is the one that threatens sanity. I would enforce as a rule that everyone who sets up to teach hatha yoga to others should be compelled to go through a course of at least one year in the anatomy of the body and then in the physiology of the body. The work must have a scientific basis because it encroaches on the medical domain.
famous teachnique named Revitalizing Breath Exercise: (1) Stand at an open window, spine erect, body straight, hands tightly holding hips. (2) Expel all stale air through the mouth. (3) Take three short, sharp sniffs of air and expel the total quantity in one long-drawn exhalation. Pause and breathe normally. Repeat three times. (4) Breathe in deeply through the nose, starting as low in the abdomen as possible, rising upward in the lungs until the upper part is filled. (5) The mind should concentrate on the solar plexus behind the navel. Imagine a stream of golden-white energy being drawn from there and radiated throughout the body. (6) Pucker up the lips and let all the air out as vigorously as possible. Tighten the diaphragm muscle while doing so, and move it upwards. Pause and breathe normally. Repeat three times.and also i will give u another one so it make it sure to u
its also famous named The Death-Gasp Breathing Exercise: Lie flat on your back. Take a deep, quick inhalation through the open mouth, accompanied by the gasping half-loud shriek which such an act involuntarily produces. Then gradually and slowly exhale again.
This breathing exercise tries to imitate the death cry of dying creatures, the vocal expression of their fear of death. Such an imitation of the physical side of dying should bring with it, momentarily, the associated death fear whose gravity and importance naturally swallow up all lesser fears. If this exercise is done twice daily, these lesser fears gradually become weaker, while the fear of death is itself overcomeblessed be hope its help bye
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