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Locked Threads (fluff)

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Locked Threads (fluff)
Post # 1
We seem to be having a problem lately with mods deleting and locking threads that aren't in violation of any rules.

These threads often in opposition to use of the anti-gay and body shaming insult, "fluffy" that the insiders on this site call people they disagree with. Role players are another matter entirely, and frankly are not the root of all evil here.

I am asking these moderators to defend their views rather than try to silence voices calling for change. Many of us want what's best for everyone here, and labeling people "fluff" instead of criticizing them on an even playing field hurts people and reflects badly on the site at large.

If you really think calling people names makes the site a better place and sets a good example, say something. Locking and deleting threads is the coward's way out.

Re: Locked Threads (fluff)
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Sometimes we Lock threads because they have "run their course" and are being too repetative.
Role playing may be harmless, but it is not allowed on this site.
I have never gagged any member without warning them first. (Except obvious Scams!)

Re: Locked Threads (fluff)
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Simply put, how a moderator assesses a situation is up to them. We have lives and are not required to coddle members and concern ourselves with their feelings. This is a site to learn magic, not a social network for dating, making friends, and finding therapy.

I have no idea why you think the term fluffy is at all anti-homosexual or body shaming. I think you need to research the term.

I personally agree with this definition:
"Fluffy Bunny: A pagan, or other witchy person, who remains purposely naïve concerning matters of religious or magical study despite knowing that better, more correct, more academically sound or well-researched information exists.

The primary definition of a Fluffy Bunny is one who refuses to learn, refuses to think, and refuses to consider the possibility that they could possibly ever be wrong. Generall, they find one book, author or website and follow it as if it were the holy word, frequently denouncing anything that disagrees with it as obviously false. Fluffy Bunnies rarely get past the defense of "Because [insert favorite author here] says so." Sometimes they don't even get that far, responding to any and all criticism with something like, "You're just trying to persecute me!""

The site will not become a better place by allowing the ignorant or childish to run amuck. In fact, if this was my board, the rules would be even stricter. It's nearly impossible to have a truly valuable discussion here because of the outrageous amount of fluffy bunny vs bunny slayers constantly at battle with quite a few getting caught in the cross fire. A moderator locking a thread or gagging a member silently is a drama free way of halting the madness. What good will come from moderators saying something? Trust me, I would hurt many more "feelings" with my blunt opinion than gagging or locking a thread...not to say I've done either recently, but I'm just being honest. If we give criticism we are big bullies *stomp foot* and if we just do our job we are cold cowards? Can we really ever win? The answer is no. There will always be complaints.

Note: the definition was taken from http://www.legionofpagans.com/general-pagan-information/5199/what-is-a-fluffy-bunny

Re: Locked Threads (fluff)
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
I agree with WhiteRaven. Too many children who argue. Too many children claiming to know everything, and actually knowing very little. I have been called a bully for being harsh with the "Fluffies". I have been called a grumpy old man.
As WhiteRaven says, we can't win. Not that we want to "win"! We just love this site, and most of the members. And we try to get rid of the nonsense. If that's being "hard", so be it!

Re: Locked Threads (fluff)
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

I actually had a post locked which was due to a swear word, my own silly mistake I was getting carried away with proving a point, which was why that was taken down. It did raise some good points though as I see this post is as well. White Raven the only thing I do disagree with is the fact that you say this is not a role playing site for making friends, this is simply untrue for why would Pet put the feature in for adding friends? If this were coursera (a site that runs free courses by universities world wide) all you can do there is talk to people on a message board but you can't add friends.

Although thats the only thing, everything you do say on top of that I feel very strongly about too, for mods this type of stuff happens repeatedly, which gets tiresome and boring, for new members they have no idea. But the battle as you call it can be stopped, for if this truly is supposed to be a stie for learning, then we need to stop calling these people stupid. Not at all that I am accusing mods and higher ups of doing so, but it is done in a far more subtle and what is interpreted by the 'fluffs' as patronizing is the mere term of the word itself.

Teachers in school have to put up with a lot worse but of they called their students names they would be fired, on the other side the misconception of mods is also wring, Brysing is a perfect example, for you are from a different generation. Back in your day people were given the cane for being rude, nowadays respect has gone. Things you can say are harsh sometimes which aren't right. But then again knowing you and your Yorkshire ways most of the time it is called banter.

As this site is mostly American and very few Yorkshire folk like us here, the word banter or even the mere concept is unheard of, which is immediately interpreted as being unkind, Brying I think is far from that, I have never met him but we live quite close by, but something tells me I'm not wrong to suspect that he is a very kind and loving person indeed. My goal is to still keep working tirelessly to remove these misconceptions about mods and about fluffs too, the main barrier that we all face is that we really don't know each other, these are just mere words on a screen and could be interpreted in any light.

Re: Locked Threads (fluff)
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6
Twilight, you most certainly can make friends on this site! The objection is for using the site as a dating agency!
Petrarca has given the age limit as 13. It might be better if it was older, 18 or above.
Yes, Twilight, I am of a different generation; but I have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.So I do understand the young.
I am well up with modern technology; even though I often joke about only just getting used to a ball-point pen! I know what a Kindle is. I know the difference between a gigabyte and a megabyte.I can use a computer. (If I could get it to make coffee I would be in paradise!)

Re: Locked Threads (fluff)
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Well said Twilight.

I didn't mean that friends cannot be made here. Certainly, it is encouraged to interact and grow together as fellow magick practitioners. It's always nice to be able to find like minds to relate to and share with. It's very difficult to do so as witches or magicians within our society outside of the internet unless you have the luxury of a local coven, lodge, or other form of group that meets regularly.

I was pointing out that it is not the main objective to meet new people as it is on social networks like Facebook. It's an additional issue that causes problems, especially when flirting occurs. There are also many attention seekers that create unnecessary drama.

Chucks comment "many of us want what's best for everyone" demonstrates the misconception that this site wants to please everyone. We cannot please the ones that seriously want to learn if we do nothing against those that disrupt that environment. What's best for the community is not going to make everyone happy, only those that are here for the true purpose of the community.

I hope that's clearer :)

Re: Locked Threads (fluff)
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
If computers could make coffee I would be in paradise too!!! XD

But Windows 8 is still horribly confusing!!! If it could make coffee, sadly, I don't think I could ever figure it out.

Re: Locked Threads (fluff)
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9

Chucky, several times you have been going on about this and in the public chat as well. Yes, Fluffy is a derogative term towards Body Image and Sexuality. However, here that is not the case, nor do those definitions mean anything here.

Here, and in the Occult/Pagan Community it is a term used to describe people whom are calling out that fantastical feats are possible and refusing to acknowledge proper study and proof (Reason and Logic) hence why they are called Fluffy.

'The Fluffs' are a problem in our community (The two other defintions have actually no longer valid because most of society don't actually use them, in my cases as a young Gay person; I have never been called a Fluff) we try our best to educate them but they take it the wrong way, yes sometimes we do appear a little bit more nastier because we are sick and tired of dealing with it day in and out.

The only thing we can do is shut them down and educate them, it does look like bullying but there isn't much else we can do when trying to preserve the image of the Community, which already gets abuse for believing in Magic - even from people of other religions (Something that I have experienced personally)

As White said, we cannot please everyone, people will get hurt, but they will learn; best from people who have been practicing for years and that have a lot of sense than to end up in a bad position in their Spiritual/Magical journey where they may or may not have gotten into some form of trouble.

As far as I can see on this post, it is just a bit of whinging saying that 'it's unfair' well life unfortunately is unfair, but better get used to it, because there are a lot worse people out there in the Community, such as the Heathens whom follow the Neo-Nazi movement, who do actively hurt people of other races, giving a bad reputation from the decent people, there have been a few cases of these people on the website, so think about it, a much larger problem than a simple matter of 'you called that person a mean name'.

Re: Locked Threads (fluff)
By: / Beginner
Post # 10

I'm very sorry, I didn't explain myself properly there but really love the points you guys are raising there, Weatherwax that's exactly right. Nothing can be perfect, the system on this site developed and changed over time but it can't please everybody, it just does the best it can to cater to those who want to connect with other like minded folk, to share explore and grow in their knowledge of magic.

Brysing I am deeply sorry for giving you the impression that the generation gap would somehow be a barrier on your side of things, but now you mention you do have children and even Grandchildren, and I have a Grandfather myself (someone who I also see as my closest and best friend) would more than understand the inclinations and attitudes of the young. I think more its about the young not understanding the old, thinking that they are out to say that life is unfair as if it were deliberate.

Well yes that is so, but the old don't do that to put us down. They do so because they have lived and lived to tell the tale, and if the younger generations are to survive and model the previous notions of societal values, then standards have to be set, lessons learned and the odd lecture every now and then. Apologies Im going off the beaten track a little here, but relating this back to the site and how members interact and perceive one another.

What changes need to be made are not such physical ones, its more about how we feel inside and the only way, the only way that how we feel, perceive and interact with one another that goes in accordance with the site rules in a way that functions well is to bring about understandings and acceptances through positive reinforcement and good education. And of course our computers making coffee along side of that would be a truly wonderful thing indeed!

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