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Though one could write me off as a troll stirring things up just to get attention, I am really trying to make this site a better place for everyone. I know roleplayers and similar can be annoying and a distraction from the learning of real magic, but there is a far bigger problem on this site. That problem is cyberbullying. I see a lot of bullying from both high ranked members and others, calling people "fluffy" when there is disagreement on issues. This term is anti-gay and sometimes means fat, but the important thing is that calling people names does not solve anything. The ranking system has been in place years now, but has failed to stop role players from rolling in. It is time for change, not more arguing about what fluffy means and trying to defend it within the context of the pagan community. In all honesty, I have called people here fluffies and other names and it was not right of me to do that. We need to explain to them why we disagree, and show them what is not tolerated here in a respectful way so that we are the ones setting a good example. No, I'm not going to "like it or leave", I'm going to fight for what's right.