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Home wrecker trouble

Forums ► Spell Suggestions ► Home wrecker trouble
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Home wrecker trouble
Post # 1
Help needed
My husband happened upon a woman in Vegas 22 months ago. According to the phone records she sunk her nails in deep immediately and has refused to let go. We haven't had a perfect relationship by far and he's more than a cheat by nature but an affair has never been his thing. Now I've been served papers and he's lying to his kids from his first marriage and ours. Hurting his kids is not ever his mo. How do I stop her? How do I wake him up and bring him back? I can still feel our connection when he's here. I think she's used binding spells on him.
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Re: Home wrecker trouble
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

This sounds more like a problem he is causing than the "other woman" in the situation. Regardless of spell work, nothing can force another person to do something they don't decide to do on their own. This is something you need to take up with him, not her.

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Re: Home wrecker trouble
Post # 3
That's just it tho. She conveniently got herself noticed by his older kids. Then insisted on buying them Xmas gifts. She encourages that relationship but begs him to go visit her instead of our daughter when he's done w his rotation. Even if it means missing a school or sporting event that he committed to. That's so not him. I've heard from friends she's threatened suicide. She enables his drinking. She left her husband for him and has point blank said she's not giving up this relationship. Every time he's tried to leave she gets a new number and starts calling again. Then he's hooked. Likes he's bound to her. Is there no way to reverse something she may have cast?
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Re: Home wrecker trouble
By: / Novice
Post # 4
For starters a binding doesn't make the person love you, a binding will keep having the two parties bump into each other. Bindings are usually undone by the caster unless you're lucky enough to find the item used in the binding and untie it.

It doesn't sound like she's cast anything. Relationships end, sad at it may be. You said it was a rocky one, and he's a cheater, so perhaps it was only a matter of time. You say he's acting different, love can make people act strange. If you want him back, try talking to a couples councillor, but if it ends, realize you can do better, deserve better, and will find better.
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Re: Home wrecker trouble
Post # 5
Actually you can do an unbinding even if you do not find the other persons original work.

However I doubt this is the work of a binding. You could speak honestly with him about your feelings. If you truly desire to cast something to make it work for the two of you, try a honey jar spell or something to boost your commitment.

I personally would find ways to remind him of why you got together, or just spice things up a bit. If that does not work then perhaps it has more to do with issues in your relationship.

People often jump to blame the other person when this sort of thing happens. But in all reality it would not happen if the person was happy in the relationship. Talk with him. Find out why he is doing this and if there is anything you can do to make things better. Communication is key in any relationship. If this does not help and you truly wish to utilize magic feel free to mail me. I know a few things when it comes to love and relationship related magic. Blessings and best of luck sweetie
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