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Circle of the Phoenix

Forums ► Covens ► Circle of the Phoenix
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Circle of the Phoenix
Post # 1
While new covens aren't able to be created right now, I definitely want to see if my current idea for a coven would track well so hopefully in the future, if the feature opens up again, we can form it and get it going!

The basis for this would-be coven is the practice of Traditional Witchcraft. Dumping all the neo-pagan and Wiccan stuff and practicing old school witchcraft. I know there is a large level of both curiosity and misinformation about Traditional Witchcraft, the worst of the misinformation saying there are no records of any witchcraft before Wicca. That's not true at all. It would be my hope that in joining this not-yet coven, people would get the chance to both expand their knowledge of Traditional Witchcraft, and bring their own concepts and knowledge to an ever growing table of information.

Circle of the Phoenix would be the name for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, because it would not be a coven in the Traditional Wiccan sense. Although there would be a "high priest/ess, they would only exists to fill the titles, and act as moderators. Everyone would be on equal footing with each other. Second, the Phoenix represents life, death, rebirth, lessons learned, resilience, and power. A perfect symbol for a coven whose aim would be to further everyone involved, and acting as a family.

I would do my best to ensure the coven run similarly to "Path of the Shaman," the coven I'm currently involved with. I firmly believe if you choose to join a coven you must actively participate in the coven forum, as well as the other members. There would be a pretty intense questionnaire as an application, as only people serious about joining would be welcome. All coveners would be expected to place a vote in the ejection.

I think a coven covering this specific subject matter is not only one this site wants, but one this site needs, as there isn't one. What are the thoughts of the people on this one? If there was a coven based in Traditional Witchcraft where your opinion mattered, your fellow coveners were like a family, and everyone involved was given a say? Would you join? Or would you condemn!

Re: Circle of the Phoenix
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Sounds like a good idea if it was ran by the proper priestess and priest and the coven members were actually participating it would be great..

Re: Circle of the Phoenix
Post # 3
Sounds promising!

Long ago, I had a vision to create a coven called Midnight Candle for those that are in the broon closet and in need of moral support. I also wanted to include practice strategies for those that are in hiding. But, this idea blossomed into a blog and it is well over 3,000 viewers worldwide. Your idea sounds fantastic and has good structure. I wish it could be added to the site, but there are also other avenues besides SoM to make your gols happen. That is what my blog's unexpected success taught me. Feel free to mail me.

Re: Circle of the Phoenix
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Shadows of Solitary Witches, I believe, is one current coven which covers Traditional Witchcraft. There used to be another, run by an older member, but I cannot recall which one it was.

Re: Circle of the Phoenix
Post # 5
It seems interesting, and helpful. Not many practice traditional witchcraft, due to the different factors.

I would for sure, apply. It could help others spiritually!

Re: Circle of the Phoenix
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I like the idea, but when even thinking about creating a coven, you got know about the subjects you are going to be producing. As well as know proper judgements, you must be able to help your members, correct your members, when they make a mistake. Anyways, that is up to Petrarca. As Personified said there is already a coven that teaches and practise Traditional Witchcraft

Re: Circle of the Phoenix
Post # 7
Obviously this is a subject I know about, but as stated in the summary there would be no true coven "rankings" and everybody always has something new to bring. As far as the other coven, to begin they are not accepting new members, it's unclear just how much activity is actually required, it's unclear how much say the rest of the coven has in any aspects which should require group voting, and they advertise as being a group of solitary WitchesMoon and contradictory statement. Make no mistake, I'm not bashing them. They're just not a coven I'd be interested in joining. As far as their subject natter, yes they do focus on trad craft, but that does not mean this site doesn't need more covens of traditional witches. God knows most if the covens here focus on the sane thing as it is.

Re: Circle of the Phoenix
Post # 8
They should open coven apps again.

Re: Circle of the Phoenix
By: / Novice
Post # 9

As said before, there is a coven which already offers that, so it seems pointless (at this time) to consider such a coven. It'd just end up as two covens having the exact same purpose (which is where covens generally fail).

As for knowledge of the topic, you'll want to get your ranking (reputation) on this site a little higher if you intend to be taken truly seriously as a knowledgeable practitioner of traditional witchcraft. Not to say you need Knowledgeable, but at least Novice. And seeing a lot of good posts, not just comments, about traditional witchcraft would be excellent. Just to help folks to get to know you better.

As for actually opening up applications, this link explains beautifully why such should be carefully considered by anyone demanding such:


Re: Circle of the Phoenix
Post # 10
Regardless of what my ranking on this site is, I know my craft. I don't need a websites ranking to tell me that. Again, I argue that we have at LEAST three covens on this website that offer exactly the same thing, so the question of redundancy isn't a question at all. If ever the time comes when covens are available, I'll definitely not be hesitating, particularly because Traditional Craft, although witnessing a growing popularity, is still scantily practiced anymore. While we have books now to ensure it survives, the practice itself isn't well known enough. Therefore, having two covens on the subject, both run differently and focusing on different areas of the same practice mind you, it can become incredibly beneficial. Not to mention the fact that I see quite a few people who have questions regarding the subject, but the current coven is unknown by most, myself included up to this point.

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