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UPDATE:I AM GOING TO BE ON A NEW ACCOUNT. If you'd like to message me, please do it within the next few days. When my new account is made, I will post what my username is. :) Latest Forum Posting: Status (6/19): I'm researching/experimenting more with the idea of practicing Hedge Witchcraft/studying Shamanism. This involves Trance Work, Astral Projection, and Dreams. If you're interested in it or you're also studying similar things, feel free to message me. I'm always up for an intellectual discussion. )O( )O( )O( Hello and Blessed Be! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stacie and I have been an on/off member for seven years. I picked up my first book on Wicca at age 10. I've been interested in the paranormal, superstitious, and magick-related topics since I was a little girl. I am currently a college student (freshman!) and I'll be 20 years old this April. I'm here again to simply connect and share ideas! Here is a list of the areas I'm knowledgeable in: 1) The Basics (Meditation, Visualization, Candle Magick, Will, Energy) 2) Dream Magick 3) Wicca 4) Fae Magick 5) Draconic Magick (vaguely) 6) Mediumship/Psychic Intuition 7) Oracle Card Reading (beginner status) 8) Shamanism 9) Druidism 10) Spirit Animals 11) Afterlife Theories 12) Astral Projection (haven't achieved it yet!) 13) Spirits *I probably know more that I'm not remembering at the moment. Feel free to ask! Rules (In Regards To Contacting Me): 1) Keep it website related until I feel ready to bring up non-magick topics. 2) NO FLIRTING, period. I've been taken by my best friend for a over a year now. I'm not here to flirt around. If I was, I would do it. Please don't compliment my pictures or persona, because I take it as a sign that you intend to want more than just magickal help or discussion. If you break this "commandment", don't expect to be mailed back. 3) No sexual related topics. That's personal business. You shouldn't be sharing about your sex life online and I don't want to hear about it. 4) If you are a fluffy and won't consider what I have to say (that would be to help you), then I will not reply. 5) I will not cast spells for you or your friends. That is not my job. Blessed Be! Please be warned, but my views on my own Pagan faith are currently a bit tainted and rather contradictory and hypocritical. I am a person that has a hard time with making decisions. As I said, I currently do not feel the need to believe in an all-knowing God or Goddess, because I have what I need to know that life on Earth is sacred. I have the moon, stars, water, soil, sun, and trees. These all bless us with continuous life. There is no need for me to believe in a man in the sky when I can physically see what gives me the chance to live each day. I am not calling down upon belief in deity worship. I'm saying that I would not be the person to assist you with invoking any being from any pantheon, simply because I am not following it as of right now. )O( )O( )O( "I believe that magick does not entirely effect the external world. Rather, I believe that magick affects our own internal worlds. Magick uplifts our once negative thoughts and helps us to keep going when times are rough. Magick is a mental stimulant; it convinces us to seek the light in darkness." If you'd like to talk more about this belief, then feel free.