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Quartz pendulum cleansing

Forums ► Fortune Telling ► Quartz pendulum cleansing
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Quartz pendulum cleansing
Post # 1
I just bought a white quartz pendulum for adivination purposes, I being using one I had as a necklace and it work well without any cleansing or activation, so if a rudimentary one worked good why not trying with a real pendulum?
I just put it on a bowl of salt and water, any advise in the process that could help me? I'm eager to hear any tips on the subject, pretty new in this.
Any tips on the practical part of adivination would be appreciated too.
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Re: Quartz pendulum cleansing
Post # 2
I also use a pendulum on occasion for my divination.
When cleansing my pendulum I will either ground the object by placing it in soil or pass it over sage smoke.
You can definitely cleanse by using water or sprinkling salt on the pendulum . Sounds like you're good to go since you did both!

I wish you the best in your future pendulum work! :)
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Re: Quartz pendulum cleansing
Post # 3
It feel so full of energy now, It makes me feel a vibration on my hands when I'm using it, could this be a good sign?
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Re: Quartz pendulum cleansing
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

If you feel energy, or vibrations, from your crystal that is a good sign. It means you are in tune to it and are sensitive enough to pick up on its "language", especially after you've cleansed it. :) Just a tip, no matter when or where you get a crystal from, it is best to cleanse them before you do anything else with them.

Whenever you are working with crystals it is very important to keep a clear and focus intent. In the case of cleansing, be sure that, no matter what method you use, you hold the intention that all negative energies will dissipate, and your crystal will be cleansed and recharged.

Crystal Cleansing

1) Running/Lapping Water (be sure your crystal isn't soluble/friable/jointed) (friable means it crumbles easily)

a) Hold your crystal under cool water from your tap.

b) Hold your crystal under the waters of a clear/clean running creek/river.

c) Hold your crystal under the lapping waves of the salt water ocean.

d) If your crystal is fragile, put it in a glass jar first, and then do one of the above methods.

2) Soaking

a) In a clear glass bowl, submerge your crystal(s) in collected rain water (or still mineral water), add a bit off salt to this "bath", and let set overnight. Be sure your crystal isn't soluble/friable/jointed, if your crystal is fragile, put it in a glass jar first, and then put the jar in the bowl.

b) Set your crystal out to soak up the light of the moon, a full moon is general the best night, and let it soak overnight.

c) Set your crystal out during a sunny day, just be sure your crystal isn't prone to colour fading. Also keep in mind that some crystals will focus beams from the sun. So be sure to set them somewhere that they won't start a fire.

3) Smudging/Incense/Candles

a) Pass your crystal through the smoke of a smudge stick that is best suited for its cleansing properties.

b) Pass your crystal through the smoke of incense; again use incense that is good for cleansing.

c) You can also pass your crystal through the light of a candle.

4) Sea Salt/Rock Salt/Brown Rice

a) Submerge your crystal in a bowl filled with sea or rock salt and let set over night.

b) You can also submerge your crystal in a bowl of brown rice and let set overnight.

c) Both of these methods are safe for friable, soluble and cluster crystals, just gently brush every grain of salt/rice away afterwards, as any partials left behind can damage your crystal, especially in damp weather/clement.

5) Other Crystals

a) Store your crystals with a Carnelian crystal. Carnelians natural cleanse other crystals, and if used, your crystals will never need any other cleansing method.

b) Set the crystal you wish to cleanse on a Clear Quarts cluster and leave overnight.

6) Sound

a) Use a bell, tuning folk, gong, Tibetan Cymbals, or something that will give off a pure, clear, and clean tone. Simply set your crystal(s) on a surface and use your chosen sound tool directly over them. It is best to use these items in an F note.

b) Setting your crystal next to your stereo speakers and playing "white noise" is also good.

c) The Schumann resonance is also good for cleansing, simply place your crystal near your speakers and play it for them.

7) Burying

a) You can also bury your crystal overnight, just be sure to mark the spot well. ;) Also, be mindful of delicate crystals and that you may need to put them in something first. If you bury them straight into the ground, be gentle, don't pack the ground down, and be sure to clean them gently and thoroughly with a brush afterwards.

8) Visualizations

a) Visualize the crystal being encircled by light, passing through it, over it and around it.

9) Buy Cleansers

a) There are also cleasners you can buy for the purpose of cleansing crystals. Thay can be found on online stored and can be used as drops or a spray.

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Re: Quartz pendulum cleansing
Post # 5
That's great, thanks.
When I'm about to use it I pressed it against my chest, my heart and third eye (not that I feel is completely open though) and hold it between my hands for a while, I feel a good connection and for what I've seen it doesn't change the answers even if I felt unsure about a question's response and tried to ask again.
Pretty excited.
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