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Name: Chyina
Birthday: Feb 11 1982
Location: Queensland, Australia
Gender: Female
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Greetings & Merry Meet Everyone!

I grew up in a very strict United Pentecostal Christian church, and when I was a child I always felt that there was something wrong with it. Not with the teachings of Christ, but with the way it was being presented. I began at a young age (often in secret) to explore other beliefs and practices. Over the years I have studied many different religions and teachings, from the obscure to the well-known. Today I do not consider myself any one thing, but rather a mixture of many different elements that I find truth and harmony in.

I am descended from Native American, German, English and African. I grew up in Michigan, USA, but currently live in Queensland, Australia. I am married to a wonderful soul companion, but currently have no children, though would like them one day. I am a visual artist, writer, jewellery crafter, photographer, singer, play the piano and alto sax, and a deep lover of nature and animals.

I am open-minded, and will except all others, even if I do not always agree with them. ;) I feel we are all connected, whether it is spiritually or naturally. Our lives affect things around us, even if unintentionally. As such we should all love and except one another, even if it's only based on the fact that we are all living creatures, great or small.

I feel that each of us can never know so much that we have no need for new learnings. Although some of us close our eyes and minds to the idea that there is far more for us to explore. The opportunities for new teachings come to us until our last breath is taken, if we only have the courage to take them on.

Feel free to friend me, ask questions, or simply talk.

Peace Be With You,



The years listed are those that I have both studied and practiced, because I feel that even in practice we are still studying. Practice makes perfect, after all. ;) I do not directly teach, but I am always willing to learn, discuss, and give advice or aide when and where I can.

Crystals/(Gem)Stones - 25 years

  • Divination - 14 years
  • Healing - 16 years
  • Magical Use - 13 years


  • Crystal - 14 years
  • Tarot - 20 years

Feng Shui - 16 years

Healing Touch/Hands - All my life, birth rite (My mother has this also)

  • The closest thing to an actual name for this would be Reiki, but it is only similar to it in a couple of fashions, and not exactly like it. It also works best for those I am close to, such as family and friends, though I have treated others who are not close to me. I have yet to significantly perform this on myself, normally I need my mother or husband to do it for me, as they both have this ability (my mother to a better degree than my hubby).

Herb Work

  • Herbalism - 10 years
  • Magical Use - 8 years

Meditation - 14 years

Mojo Hand/Bags - 1 year


  • American Indian - Most of my life, have ancestry
  • Greek/Roman - 22 years

Rarer Form of Empathy - All my life, birth rite (My mother has the common form)

  • Sensing another's personality, whether someone is speaking the truth, or sensing someones true intent. I rarely sense actual emotions, but I may have closed that part off as a child.

Retrocognition - All my life, birth rite (This is the best name that I have found to describe what I see)

  • For a detailed description of what I see, as it is not your normal postcongnition:

Spell casting - 15 years