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Astral Projection
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I did, it was a long process tho. I've been
told I had acheived it in a leangth of time
that in almost impossible, but I can tell you
how I did it.
1) You'll need a journal. Everyone astral
projects in their sleep, but to control it is
another story. First to understand the astral
projection you need to remember your
dreams. It sound cheesey, I know, but it
really works. Every night before you go to
bed, say to yourself "I will rebember all my
dreams and wake up after every one" It is
possible to have more than one dream in a
night, I myself recorded 5-6 three nights in
a row. Now after you wake up, write down
your dream and go back to sleep.
What is the perpose of this? Well if you
remember your dreams and then record
them it is easier to notice patters in where
your body astral projects.
2) After about a month of practicing this,
comes the hard part. Right before you fall
asleep yo need to focus relly hard on where
you think where your body will decide to
astral project. Doing this will keep you
connected to your conscience mind, so you
have control over your actions. Once you
are out of your body, and you have landed
in a new astral plane, yu can begin to
3) Once in the new place you must, I
reapete MUST stay calm. Thinking about
what could happen to you like being
attacked by evil it will happen, you are more
vaunrable in your astral body, thinking of
evil only attracts evil. But if you ever feel
lost or scared think of your home or your
body and you wil be there in a flash.
4) You are ALWAYS connected to your body
by something called an astral cord, this cord
is there to give you an easy way back to
your body and keep you from losing yourself
in the astral planes. Two things can come
from your astral cord from being broken: 1.
If your lucky, your astral self will snap back
to your body and you will never be able to
astral project again, or 2. You will be lost
forever in the astral planes and most likely
never find your body. Even if you think of
your body, you wouldn't be able to go there
because you are not connected to it. Your
body will be in a coma untill you die.
For more questions just shoot me a
message. Sorry for the longness...:P
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Re: Astral Projection
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