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Silly Question

Forums ► Herbalism ► Silly Question
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Silly Question
Post # 1

So, Ive got a rather "fun" question. Or I see it as is. What oil/remedy would you use to help your hair grow faster? Which herb would be the most accurate?

Can't wait to hear your answers.

Warmest Blessings **

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Re: Silly Question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

There are actually various commercial products that use things like olive and tea tree oils. Some people use Keratin treatments.

I personally don't use any because my hair grows fast on its own due to genetics.

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Re: Silly Question
Post # 3
I am going bald due to genetics and there is nothing to be done about it.
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Re: Silly Question
Post # 4
Rosemary can be used for baldness.
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Re: Silly Question
Post # 5
Rosemary (Rosamarinus officinalis), lavender (Lavendula officinalis, angustifolia), and sage (Salvia officinalis) are all one's I've heard of being used for hair and hair loss. Normally as oils massaged into the scalp, but also as washes as well.
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Re: Silly Question
Post # 6

Of course we can't change genetics, but maybe we can manipulate for a while. Growing hair takes some patience and dedication, I see pictures of hairstyles and I feel like cutting it. But I feel that our strenght lies within our hair, your "6th" sense if you want. So cutting my hair is out of the picture.

AuraJade, d'you think those that you have mentioned can be mixed together as a "shampoo or conditioner"?

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Re: Silly Question
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
How fast your hair grows,depends on good nutrition.All products added above the hair shaft rather ,keep the hair moisturized and supple ,so it does not become brittle and split that much.Very few chemical substances can penetrate the hair shaft and the skin to have any internal influence.One of those substances are the essential oils and not the carrier oils they are diluted into.The only oil that is known to be able to penetrate the skin and the shaft is the jojoba oil and it is not even oil ,but wax that is very similar to the human sebum.Carrier oils will coat the hair and keep the moisture in ,so it will not get brittle so fast due to water loss.However everything outside the hair shaft is already dead ,it can not be nurtured it only can be embalmed so to speak.You can nurture the hair from inside by eating the right foods.Your hair ,nails and skin are made from same cells ,but they have reached different level of keratinization,therefore they all require same nutrition.

List of food to eat:

-extra lean red meat
-fish (try to change the types and do not forget the oily fish)
-berries (any type)
-green beans like broad beans
-nuts (try to change the kind of them)*

Make sure you get all vitamins and minerals ,that your body require, and you do not overdose them!Consult your doctor, about your daily recommended mineral and vitamin intake.This is in case you can not get them from your diet.If you do not know how to track your diet and vitamin and mineral intake mail me and I will explain and give you additional links.

* Keep in mind some people are allergic to certain nuts ,some get break outs from diary or are not tolerant to it and some are allergic to broccoli or cauliflower.Do not consume things you are allergic to!

How I did it?

I try to eat ,well balanced diet.Then I use oils and hair masks to lock the moisture in my hair.I am fond to amla oil ,coconut oil,sweet almond and olive oil.I oil my hair at least once per week and leave the oil in for at least 4 hours.I try to wash my hair only twice per week.Washing your hair very often makes it way too dry and it splits.I avoid to blow dry my hair or curl ,flat iron it.I do not dye my hair.Heat and UV light damage the hair ,so does the salty water.When I can I massage my hair ,when washing it.Treat your hair externally according your type of hair ,and keep in mind genetically thin hair will require much more care than if you have naturally thick hair strand,but it is still feasible.For example my hair is very oily in roots and it gets progressively dry from the middle till the ends.It is also very thin and straight ,so it does require a lot of care,however I menaged to grow 12 cm of it last 12 months and it is reaching now the base of my spine.

Additional tips:

If you have long hair braid it or put it in ponytail before sleeping ,because if you have long and thin hair it will be all knotted next morning.Then you have to spend tremendous amount of time to comb it, and if you are in hurry you will end up tearing the knots out of frustration.Been there I know.

Put on hat if the wind is too cold ,dry and too strong.Wind dries your hear and it will also knot it ,if it is long.

If you are about to swim in sea or community pool water cap is must.Sea salt damages the hair ,by drying it and the community pools often use bleach to disinfect the water ,which also causes damage.

Beach hat is must if you decide to stay too long on the beach,UV light makes the hair much lighter in hue ,and it also dries it.The hat also will protect the skin of your face.

If you curl your hair use the sponge rollers on wet hair and go to sleep with them.Yes,this is not very comfortable ordeal ,but your hair does not get burnt.

Cut your split ends every 3-4 months.They are not going to ever repair does not matter ,what shampoo advertisement says.Once the hair has split it is beyond repair it will only keep splitting in upwards motion causing even more damage.It can not self heal ,because dead things does not self-heal.

Did you know that you can use infusions on your hair?

Like chamomile ,nettle or rosemary infusions.Infusion is just another word for a tea.In case you use one do not use it too cold or too hot.
You can also use henna to color it more brown, and it is also helping the hair instead of damaging it as chemical dyes.My great grandmother used infusion made of walnut husk (not the shell the green husk that coats it),to make her hair shiny and with more vivid color.Keep in mind that this stains a lot ,so use old cloths and gloves ,or you will stain not only your hair brown ,but also your hands and cloths.Dyed skin this way will not wash weeks and cloth stains never wash!

And last but not least simply be happy !Stress cause often hair loss and even hair discoloration.Being active,radiant and happy is not only indicator for great hair ,but also for close to perfect health.

Asking questions for your hair is not silly.Your hair is indicator for your health and diet ,along with your skin and nails.If you have problems with those there is a possibility of underlying hormonal ,dietary or other health related issues and imbalances.Despite it is dead outside ,its hair follicles are alive and are indicating your internal health or lack of it.
Smocking is also not healthy for your hair and scientist can tell if you are smoker ,by testing a strand of your hair!

Finally,I would like to add that you can use essential oils too,but make sure you choose them according your hair type and read all contraindication for each and every essential oil,especially if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.Dosage is also very important.Essential oils are actually the hormones of the plants, and many of them effect the human hormones too,something which might be very risky for a female and/or fetus.They are potent and they should be used with caution,knowledge and respect.

Happy hair growing!
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Re: Silly Question
Post # 8


I thank you for your feedback! I Have curly hair, I do not blow dry them nor do I comb them either I've got some great coconut oil, I even use it for my cooking that I can use. Also I do use camomile I don'twant scissors even close to my hair, butI know people debate on cutting your split endsevery 3-4 months. Which is something I rarely do. AndbecauseI have curly hair it can easily look likei'm not taking care of it.

Thank youforsharing your knowledge!


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